Every child and adolescent diagnosed with cancer in Ireland should be offered a clinical trial

New Video titled

#HelloUCDClinicalTrials – Revolutionising Children’s and

Adolescents Cancer Treatment and Outcomes

explains drive for more access to more trials for more children and adolescents


(ISSUE: Tues 8th Feb @ 0900hrs) UCD School of Medicine has been awarded €2.5 million by the HRB (Health Research Board) so that, in partnership with the CHI (Children’s Health Ireland) Cancer Trials Group, can continue to enhance children’s and adolescents’ cancer patient-focused research, increase opportunities for children and adolescents to participate in clinical trials and increase the critical support available to investigators from facilities, through to study design and sponsorship.

This funding award will be hosted at and managed through a partnership between UCD and CHI, implemented by the CHI Cancer Trials Group and led by Professor Owen Smith, Professor of Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine, UCD and Consultant Paediatric Haematologist, CHI.

On receipt of this funding award, UCD Clinical Research Centre (CRC) has produced a short video titled #HelloUCDClinicalTrials – Revolutionising Children’s and Adolescents Cancer Treatment and Outcomes (view HERE) – featuring interviews with;

  • Mum, Noreen and her daughter Kate from Kildare, who was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2017 at aged 10 years (following Noreen’s son, James’ diagnosis of leukaemia at aged two years in 2007). Both James and Kate were under the care of Prof Owen Smith in CHI at Crumlin.
  • Prof Owen Smith
  • Prof Peter Doran, Associate Dean for Research, Innovation and Impact, UCD School of Medicine & Director, UCD CRC.

The video explains the vital, life-saving nature of access to clinical trials in the children’s and adolescents’ cancer treatment setting and the drive for more access to more cancer trials for children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer by increasing the resources and expertise required to conduct them.

In launching the video, Prof Owen Smith said ‘Across the next five years, this funding from the HRB will allow the CRC in partnership with CHI, to expand the supports available to investigators and to widen our research network, thereby ensuring that more of the children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer share access to cutting-edge research. In addition, we will enhance the way in which we do trials. By focusing on enabling technologies and creating pathways for better patient participation and involvement, we will ensure the HRB investment has the greatest possible impact.’

‘This investment will also help achieve the National Cancer Strategy (2017-2026) objective of doubling the number of cancer patients (including children but especially adolescents and adults) on clinical trials in Ireland’ continued Prof Smith.

Also speaking about the HRB funding award and video launch, Prof Peter Doran, Associate Dean for Research, Innovation and Impact, UCD School of Medicine & Director, UCD CRC said ‘Every cancer treatment was once the subject of a clinical trial. With one in two people in Ireland developing cancer in their lifetime, cancer clinical trials are essential because they test and find new and better ways to screen, prevent, diagnose and treat it. Patients benefit from having access to high quality clinical trials, and overall outcomes are better in health systems that support them’

‘At the CRC we already offer a patient centred environment with comprehensive clinical facilities that provides access to professional and experienced clinical trials support staff for our clinical community. Our expert staff are delivering programmes of research that are enhancing health care and impacting patients’ lives. The CRC also offers training in clinical research to nurture the skills and expertise necessary to grow even more high-quality, safe, and compliant trials.

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