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Frontline Friday | Radiographers Rock!

Fri, 24 April 20 15:30

#Frontline Friday | Radiographers Rock!

Radiographers are a key part of the country’s frontline fight against COVID-19.  Every day thousands of imaging examinations are performed on patients suspected of having COVID-19 and patients with confirmed COVID-19.  Medical imaging, in the form of conventional chest X-rays, computed tomography (CT) scans, ultrasound, and interventional radiology, has a role to play in the diagnosis and management of COVID patients.   

The imaging of COVID patients, on the scale we are seeing here in Ireland, presents significant additional challenges for radiographers as they perform their duties in hospitals across Ireland. Radiographers are having to adapt their imaging techniques, use equipment in new ways in imaging departments, emergency departments, wards, and ICUs, often in full PPE.  

Now more than ever is their expertise, professionalism, skills, care and compassion, resilience, and ability to work effectively in teams (in the imaging department and across the hospital), evident as they go above and beyond in playing your part in this battle against the pandemic.

Across Ireland, and beyond, we are hearing stories of UCD graduates showing a strong, united, and supportive approach to dealing with these once in a lifetime circumstances. We must also acknowledge our radiography students who will be working in the frontline over the weeks and months ahead.  Our final year radiography students are currently working in hospitals across Ireland, supporting departments and the radiographers, radiologists, and other staff across medical imaging, as they work toward the completion of their final clinical module.

As we continue to fight against this pandemic, we should remember the role of medical imaging in support of an accurate diagnosis of COVID-19; its role in the management of patients hospitalised with COVID-19; the availability of the required imaging equipment; the need for appropriate PPE to be available to all radiographers; and we must not forget that radiographers also have a responsibility for all other patients, with acute and chronic presentations, who still require care.

When we do overcome the surge of COVID-19 in our hospitals, there will be significant backlogs in non-urgent imaging examinations and procedures which will place pressures on radiographers but again, they will continue to work effectively in teams, with other colleagues, to help get our Health service back on track.

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We know that there will be many heroes of this emergency and we hope to profile some of them in the coming weeks.  We’d be happy to receive your nominations and testimonials for inclusion in our #FrontlineFriday.  Suggestions to comms.medicine@ucd.ie.