January 2019 | Eanáir 2019

Achieving Consistency in Clinical Genetics Triage

Thu, 31 January 19 18:05

An Irish-led study into clinical genetics services highlights the challenges in achieving consistency in clinical genetics triage in a tertiary referral service.  The study highlights the particular challenges in the Irish context given our larger average family size compared with UK centres.

UCD Researchers at HepHIV 2019

Mon, 28 January 19 12:05

There is a strong representation by UCD Researchers at the HepHIV2019 conference which takes place in Bucharest from 28th-30th January 2019.  The HepCare Europe team led by Prof Jack Lambert are describing their work which focuses on providing an integrated care model for Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) treatment by bringing primary HCV care into the community.

Novel Genetic Insights into Evolution of Skin Colour

Mon, 21 January 19 12:32

A new genetic study of over 6,000 Latin Americans, who have a mix of Native American, European and African ancestry reveals novel insights into the evolution of skin colour.  The study published in Nature Communications identifies new genetic regions involving skin, eye and hair colour and show an important variation in one gene that is seen uniquely in East Asians and Native Americans.