March 2020 | Márta 2020

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and Mental Health

Fri, 27 March 20 11:59

In times such as these with the outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19), many people are experiencing uncertainty, fear and anxiety. It is important to not only be aware of our physical health during the outbreak, but also to be mindful of our mental health and well-being. There are many resources available in which to gain both helpful information and useful resources to help mind your mental health during this challenging time, some of which are provided below.

It is important to try and retain a regular daily routine as much as is possible. Using media can be a great way of gaining useful information and staying up to date on current events, however it is important to remember to take a break from media and be aware of false news and theories. Stay in contact with family and friends in ways such as video calls, telephone calls, text or email. Eat well, try to keep a good and regular sleep pattern and exercise when possible.

Below is a list of resources for useful information and tips on managing mental health wellbeing during coronavirus. There are resources for parents with advice on how to help both parents and children maintain good mental health during this time, as well as tips on talking to your child about coronavirus. There are resources for mental health professionals regarding the outbreak and mental wellbeing.

In these challenging times it is important we mind ourselves both physically and mentally, remember it is important to talk to someone you trust if you feel afraid, anxious or concerned.

 Stay Safe and Well.

Comprehensive Resources for Children, Parents and Mental Health Professionals

Information for Carers/Parents:

Advice for parents

Keeping you and your family emotionally healthy at home

Talking to you children about Covid-19 (coronavirus)

Talking to children about scary world news

Information video about coronavirus for older children/adults

Information about coronavirus for younger children (primary age)

Information and advice for carers

Coronavirus and our mental health

Tips for social distancing, quarantine and isolation

Managing anxiety and stress

Helping children cope with emergencies

HSE find supports and services website

Information and Supports for Mental Health wellbeing during coronavirus outbreak:

Podcasts and tips to help children with neurodevelopmental and mental health conditions:

Coronavirus and our mental health- taking care of ourselves

Working remotely during covid-19, your mental health and wellbeing

Managing anxiety and stress

Taking care of your emotional health

Helping children cope with emergencies

How to cope if you are feeling anxious about the outbreak

Looking after your mental health while self-isolating video

Mental health and wellness during covid-19 video

Mental health coping strategies

HSE find supports and services website

Documents and information for Mental Health Care Professionals:

Coronavirus and our mental health

Caring for patients during coronavirus- a guide for psychiatrists

Psychological effects of quarantine

Caring for patients mental wellbeing

Caring for critically ill patients with Covid-19

Tips for social distancing, quarantine and isolation

Managing anxiety and stress