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New interactive electronic textbook on mental health in primary care now published

Wed, 18 November 20 11:00

New interactive electronic textbook on mental health in primary care now published


‘Psychiatry Algorithms for Primary Care’ collaboration between UCD, UL and TCD Schools of Medicine


The e-book of a textbook ‘Psychiatry Algorithms for Primary Care’ (Wiley-Blackwell, 1st Edn, 2020) authored by Professor Gautam Gulati,  Professor Brendan Kelly and Professor Walter Cullen has just been released and is now available on mobile devices through Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Google books, Barnes & Noble etc. The print copy will be published on 8th January 2021 and will be available through all major bookshops /websites in a number of countries including Ireland, UK, US, Brazil and Japan. The e-book edition contains embedded html links so that clinicians can access screening tools etc. on clicking the relevant link in any chapter on their mobile device.

The majority of mental health complaints are treated in primary care and this textbook provides a quick reference guide to help GPs and other healthcare professionals who may be working in primary care to manage patients attending with these problems. The textbook contains a treatment algorithm for each common mental health condition, including guidance on when referral may be necessary. Designed to be used ‘within consultation’, it combines international guidance e.g. from NICE/RCGP/ICGP and suggests diagnostic criteria, functional evaluation, first and second line medication choices as well as non-pharmacological approaches to treatment. Other useful chapters include the assessment of patients who may present with suicidal thoughts, medically unexplained symptoms, insomnia and fatigue. This book may be of interest to practicing GPs, psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, and students / trainees in these areas. The book is likely to be especially relevant for GP trainees.


Writing in the foreword, Prof Chris Dowrick (Professor of General Practice at University of Liverpool and Chair of the World Organisation of Family Doctors Working Group on Mental Health) said: “The book is an invaluable aide memoire for GPs and for GPs in training, for use in real time encounters when immediate support is needed”.

The book is written by: Professor Gautam Gulati (University of Limerick), Professor Walter Cullen (University College Dublin and General Practitioner) and Professor Brendan Kelly (Trinity College Dublin and Health Services Executive)


E-book now available from:



Barnes & Noble




And available in booksellers on 8th January 2021.