October 2020 | Deireadh Fómhair 2020

Psychiatry clinical skills exams for final year UCD School of Medicine students carried out for first time remotely, using video technology

Thu, 15 October 20 10:30

Software solution for virtual assessment provided by Galway based, Qpercom

200+ UCD medical students who had completed their psychiatry clinical placements, in St Vincent’s University Hospital, D4 and Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, D1 undertook their clinical skills exams (the first in a series of four) on-line in Sept 2020. Traditionally such students would have undertaken these exams in a face to face fashion, using the staged Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) model, which is used to test clinical skills in teaching hospitals across Ireland. But given COVID-19 restrictions and in an effort to ensure that the exams were not compromised, the Psychiatry Faculty at UCD School of Medicine had to consider running these clinical skills exams on-line, which was the first time in the history of the School that such a decision was made.

Speaking about the decision to run the Clinical Skills exams on-line, Professor Allys Guérandel, Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health Research, SVUH and UCD said ‘These exams are crucial for our medical students to ensure that they are competent, well equipped, and fully assessed to practice clinical medicine.  We have been using Qpercom software since 2013 to effectively support our OSCE but adopting Qpercom‘s video integration software solution for assessment in Sept 2020 allowed us to carry out our usual clinical assessment to the highest standard, albeit within an online framework. I coordinated the delivery of these clinical skills exams using this video technology, with the support of Dr Katherine Stroughair and Prof Kevin Malone from SVUH, Prof Anne Doherty, Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist, Mater Hospital and Chris Carr, UCD Psychiatry Coordinator.’

Speaking about the option of facilitating the exams using the Qpercom video technology, Dr Thomas Kropmans, CEO, Qpercom & Senior Lecturer, Medical Infomatics & Medical Education, NUIG said “Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meet have changed the world of communications lately, however this particular exam requires a flow of students going through a series of consecutive stations (video rooms) with simulated patients or actors and their examiner. This functionality is missing in these established platforms but Qpercom’s platform for OSCEs and MMIs (Multiple Mini Interviews), Observe, can manage the process with ease.”

“Moving students from one video station to the next, while all parties participate remotely, be they actor/patients or examiner/interviewer and the retrieval of assessment data, all represent major logistical and technical challenges but they are challenges which we believe we have solved using Qpercom Observe”  continued  David Cunningham, CTO & Co-Founder, Qpercom.

Qpercom Observe is an advanced digital assessment solution used in medicine, nursing, veterinary, dentistry and health sciences by universities across the globe. With video integration added to help universities maintain their exam schedules during the pandemic, the technology is seen as crucial and is now available to a wider educational community. Please see 

The UCD School of Medicine, founded in 1854, is one of the Ireland’s leading medical schools. At undergraduate level, we offer programmes in medicine, radiography, Biomedical Health & Life Sciences (BHLS) and physiology and at graduate level, we offer up to 40 programmes for healthcare professionals including hospital doctors, GPs, radiographers, forensic scientists and mental health professionals and for managers and administrators working in healthcare settings. All of our undergraduate and graduate programmes are delivered by specialist staff across an extensive network of academic and clinical locations. Our student populational also comprises more than 60 nationalities, and international students now account for one-third of the total undergraduate student cohort. This diversity is one of the defining features of life at UCD, and one that enriches the student experience by delivering a truly international campus. Please see https://www.ucd.ie/medicine/



Qpercom Observe VI, a cloud based remote observational assessment solution piloted at UCD School of Medicine Dublin based hospital partner settings on Friday the 25th of September 2020


For further information and/ or to organise an expert interview, please call Jamie Ralph, Marketing, Qpercom Ltd, Tel.: +353 91 395416 or Jane Curtin, UCD School of Medicine, Tel.: 087 938 0779