Dr Leo Lawler

‌Consultant Radiologist, Mater University Hospital

Though form and content have changed, two key features of the UCD undergraduate and postgraduate medical experience remain constant;

  1. A strong clinical/patient focus based on close hospital/university links
  2. An internationally recognised medical qualification.

The endeavour and achievement of UCD graduates in decades past has established a legacy such that UCD medical graduates and their curriculum vitae are welcomed across the spectrum of training and specialty practice.

This was the case for me and comes into sharp focus when engaging in competitive international programmes. Furthermore, the UCD connection provides a link that goes beyond the boundaries of time in formal training and life in professional practice. Like many colleagues, the close friendships formed in UCD medical school become some of the happiest, unplanned spin-offs of medical school.

Environment Full of Challenges

At present I work within the radiology division of the Mater Hospital in Dublin. The environment is full of challenges and the objective is to deliver service and science in the increasingly complex and rapidly changing world of medical care. I work among many colleagues providing excellence in the medical field whilst keen to contribute to the development of the young healthcare workers of the future coming through the UCD programmes.

Dr Leo Lawler (UCD Medicine 1993) is a consultant in interventional radiology at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.