Dr Ruth O'Regan

‌Professor at the Winship Cancer Institute

Dr. Ruth O’Regan (UCD Medicine 1988) is Professor of Hematology and Medical Oncology at the Winship Cancer Institute (WCI) of Emory University, and Chief of Hematology and Medical Oncology, Georgia Cancer Center for Excellence at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Dr.O’Regan also holds the Louisa and Rand Glenn Family Chair in Breast Cancer Research and is the Director of the Translational Breast Cancer Research program at WCI. Additionally, Dr. O’Regan directs the Hematology and Oncology Fellowship program, and is the Vice Chair for Educational Affairs.

At 17 years old, it's difficult to decide where you want your career to take you.  I chose medicine because there was a long history of doctors in family, and have never regretted this choice.  I obtained a fantastic training in basic and clinical medicine at UCD which has stood me well throughout my career.  After leaving medical school I spent 6 years as a house officer and registrar in medicine and ultimately in medical oncology. 

I moved to the US in 1994 to continue my training and take part in research in oncology.  The training I received in Ireland was a wonderful basis for everything I have achieved subsequently.  I did residency and fellowship at Northwestern University and was on faculty there for 3 years before moving to Atlanta.  I developed an interest in breast cancer during my fellowship and have focused in this area since that time"

A native of Dublin, Ireland, Dr. O’Regan earned her medical degree at University College in Dublin. She conducted her residency in Internal Medicine at the Mater Hospital in Dublin, followed by a Fellowship in Oncology. She completed her U.S. residency and fellowship at Northwestern University and joined the faculty there in 1999. While at Northwestern, she won the Compassionate Care Award from the Women’s Board of Northwestern Hospital and the NSABP Young Clinical Investigator Award.  

Distinguished Cancer Scholar

A Georgia Cancer Coalition Distinguished Cancer Scholar, Dr. O’Regan was principal investigator for the first two trials to be run through Georgia Cancer Coalition’s innovative Georgia CORE (Center for Oncology Research and Education). Her laboratory at Emory’s WCI focuses on the evaluation of novel targeted approaches for triple negative breast cancer, which has led to the development of novel trials for patients with this subtype of breast cancer. With the help of Avon Foundation, she developed a multidisciplinary breast cancer clinic at the Georgia Cancer Center of Excellence. Dr. O’Regan is also the director of the Jean Sindab Endowment Research Team, which focuses on developing scientific research into breast cancer in African American women.

Widely Published

Dr. O’Regan is a Planning Committee member for the Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. She is widely published in peer reviewed scientific journals, including Lancet Oncology, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute and the Journal of the American Medical Association, among others, and is also a notable, sought after national and international speaker on topics related to breast cancer, including the use of hormonal and targeted therapies.