Professor Una Martin

The daughter of two Irish dentists, Dr Josephine Martin and, former St Vincent’s University Hospital dentist, Dr Nicholas Martin, Una Martin grew up in Northern Ireland before enrolling in Medicine at UCD.   She graduated from the UCD School of Medicine with an MB BCh BAO in 1983 and with an intercalated BSc in clinical pharmacology in 1985.  Following her graduation, Dr Martin undertook her basic medical training and specialist training in cardiology in Dublin.  She subsequently completed a PhD at the University of Edinburgh before commencing an academic career at the University of Southampton where she work on allergic rhinitis and investigated if nitric oxide in exhaled breath could be used to diagnose asthma.

Dr Martin was appointed senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham where she examined pain and potentially memory impairment among patients with hypertension and the effectiveness of ambulatory monitoring in cardiovascular disease.  She has studied the challenges of treating hypertension in elderly patients, the risks of treating women of childbearing age with anti-hypertensive drugs and the use of non-pharmacological intervention strategies.  She has investigated the use of control charts to monitor clinical variables in four conditions; hypertension, asthma, renal function and diabetes.  

Professor Una Martin is Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor for Equalities and Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at the Institute of Clinical Sciences, College of Medical and Dental Sciences at the University of Birmingham.  She is a consultant in General Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology at University Hospital Birmingham Foundation Trust where she leads the Hypertension Service.

She is responsible for the development and delivery of therapeutics teaching in the University’s undergraduate Medicine degree programme and is Chair of the Specialist Training Committee for Clinical Pharmacology training in the West Midlands.  Her national contribution to the clinical subject area was recognised in 2012 with a Fellowship from the British Pharmacological Society.

Prof Martin’s research is focused on hypertension and ambulatory monitoring and has had a major impact on how hypertensive patients are diagnosed and treated in the UK and internationally.  This work has been recognised with a Fellowship of the British Hypertension Society.  Prof Martin has investigated ethnic differences in blood pressure monitoring and her work has informed the design and interpretation of a systematic review published in the British Medical Journal, and subsequent cost effective analysis published in the Lancet which led to major change in the NICE guidelines.

Una has taken a lead role in her institution’s Women in Academic Medicine initiative, a College-wide mentoring and networking scheme and has leveraged her experience to advocate more broadly for equality and diversity within the University of Birmingham.  She was made Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor for Equalities in 2015.  She was Programme Director of the National Institute for Health Research / Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility at the University of Birmingham and University Hospital Birmingham Foundation Trust from 2011 – 2015.

Prof Martin will take up the role of Dean of Birmingham Medical School in September 2019 and she is President Elect of the British and Irish Hypertension Society.