MGA North America

MGA North America

Network for Graduates in USA and Canada

The University College Dublin Medical Graduates Association in North America (UCDMGANA) was formally introduced by means of by-laws in 2002 to provide a forum and professional network for United States and Canadian based graduates.

In the years since its inception the association has, through the generosity of the O’Regan scholarship fund, assisted in supporting the Dublin administered ‘Summer Medical Electives Program’, which has benefitted many UCD medical students in completing their educational objectives through their U.S experience. In addition a number of social and scientific meetings have been held both in Ireland and North America.

Plans for the Future

  • Develop a mentoring program between established practitioners in North America and current UCD students
  • Develop clinical elective opportunities in North America for current UCD students
  • Assist UCD students with the process of securing residency places in North America
  • Share on this site news from, for and about our network of North American Graduates
  • Offer a biannual CME accredited scientific/social meeting with contributions from North American based UCD graduates in Academia
  • Develop strategies and campaigns that encourage our fellow graduates to join our association

Get in Touch

Please contact us through so we can keep you informed of our plans.


John Fitzgerald, MD, MSCI (2008)

New York

President UCDMGANA