UCD Centre for Human Reproduction


Established in 2007, the UCD Centre for Human Reproduction at the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital was recognised in 2015 by the Academic Council as one of the university's designated research centres. In 2018, the Academic Council in UCD renewed its approval for the UCD Centre for Human Reproduction to continue as one of the University’s designated research centres. The Director is Dr Amy O'Higgins and the Centre's Advisory Board include: Dr Brendan Egan, Prof Chris Fitzpatrick, Prof Mairead Kennelly, Prof Richard Layte, Prof Aisling Martin, Prof Jan Miletin, Prof Ann Molloy and Prof Carel le Roux.

The main research focus of the Centre is on modifiable pregnancy risk factors including maternal obesity, gestational diabetes mellitus, aberrant fetal growth, inadequate maternal diet, inadequate folic acid supplementation, cigarette smoking, infection and physical inactivity. In the decade 2010-20, Professor Turner served as the National Director for the HSE Clinical Programme in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and, as a result, the Centre has also provided leadership on maternity services implementation science projects.