School of Medicine Grant Advisory Committee - Update for all School Academic & Adjunct staff

Dear colleagues

We are pleased to advise you of the ONGOING SUPPORT provided by the School of Medicine Grant Advisory Committee.

The Grant Advisory Committee has been established to provide information and feedback to School staff who are preparing grant proposals.
The Committee will assess grant applications at an early-stage, and provide independent, constructive advice on scientific merit and quality. This review process is designed to complement existing UCD Research supports ( and as always, all applicants are encouraged to engage fully with UCD Research. 


Public Engagement and Engaged Research 

Funding agencies including the Irish Research Council, Science Foundation Ireland, the Health Research Board, and Horizon Europe all place significant weight on the need for greater engagement with public research stakeholders.

UCD Research offers a range of supports that allow you to plan for the involvement of stakeholders throughout all stages of research, including the grant application stage. For more information on these supports, please go to:

How will the Grant Advisory Committee Process Work?

STEP 1 Applicants send early-stage grant applications (funding scheme you are targeting, specific aims/research plan, impact statements if available) to Research Team at 
STEP 2 Applications will be shared with the Grant Advisory Committee, who will nominate up to three Expert Reviewers for each application
STEP 3 Application will be forwarded to nominated reviewers
STEP 4 Expert reviewers will return written commentaries within one-two weeks of receipt of application
STEP 5 Grant Advisory Committee Chair and Research Team will collate responses and return to applicant

Additional notes with regard to process

1. When can I submit my grant application, and does it need to be a finalised document?

We accept applications throughout the year for all Calls. We encourage potential applicants to engage with this committee as early as possible to allow you to develop your research plan and consider feedback.

2. What details do I provide when submitting my early-stage grant document?

To ensure detailed, high-quality feedback, applicants are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible to the Grant Advisory Committee. These include

  • Applicant name
  • Call details/deadline
  • Funding requested
  • Draft research plan (including specific aims of research, impact statements, Collaborator details and preferred reviewers. A fully completed draft can also be considered and accepted)

3. Will an applicant know who reviewed their proposal or can you request specific reviewers?

If you have preferred reviewers, please provide this information and we will endeavour to facilitate this. You will be informed on who your reviewers are.

4 Can the applicant engage with the reviewers on specific feedback?

Yes. This is an open and transparent review process designed to support and encourage colleagues at the early stages of Grant writing.