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Welcome to SSRA 2019

We are delighted to welcome you to the Summer Student Research Awards (SSRA) Programme 2019.

This 8-week elective module provides an ideal opportunity for undergraduate students to undertake a supervised research project, with the potential of gaining 10 ECTS credits towards their degree programme. The research projects take place during the third (summer) trimester in a variety of locations within UCD and at our affiliated hospital sites. The initiative is open to students from all our undergraduate programmes.

Participating students compete for the Student Summer Research Awards (SSRA) through poster and oral presentations. Presentations are adjudicated by a committee of principal investigators, senior clinicians and patient advocates from across the School and the broader Ireland East Hospital Group and our Clinical Training network.

SSRA Selection Process

Throughout its eleven years, the SSRA programme has developed both in terms of student numbers and the quality of the research on exhibition. Each year, senior researchers from across the School and affiliated clinical sites submit expressions of interest to the SSRA committee for consideration as a potential student summer research project. A list of available research projects is compiled and distributed to interested students, who then compete for particular projects and supervisors.

This process underlines the continuum of research activity that takes place at the School and connects high-level investigative research to students at undergraduate level. Our medicine, radiography and biomedical science graduates are encouraged to see themselves not just as future practitioners of healthcare but also as enquiry-driven researchers and investigative scientists.

Exposure to Research

In many cases, the SSRA scheme will provide you, our students, with your first experience of either laboratory or clinical based research. This is an invaluable opportunity to develop practical research skills, deepen your understanding of specific aspects of the programme or as a first step towards a career in clinical science.

In addition to the laboratory and clinical based projects, the SSRA programme offers a limited number of projects with affiliated charities and patient advocate groups. This strand of the programme, governed by the School's Patient Advocate Centred Education - Research (PACE-R) initiative, enhances awareness of social responsibility, and the important role of voluntary organisations in advocacy and healthcare research. Establishing such a link at an early stage in their careers will undoubtedly impact not just on the professionalism of our graduates but also on your lifelong engagement with patients, patient advocates and charitable organisations.

We hope that this online hub will provide you with a useful source of information as the programme develops. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the team at

Access to SSRA 2019 blackboard site for information on the 2019 summer programme of research 

  1. Login into blackboard ( with your student number and password
  2. Select module on the top right
  3. In module "search module" type bhmed001
  4. In the first dropdown box change from "name" to "id" hit return
  5. When the module names appears below the search select the dropdown box and select "enrol"
  6. The code is "smms" hit return
  7. The above steps only need to be done once.
  8. At this point you will see the module in your "my modules" list