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SSRA 2019 Open for Project Submissions

The Student Summer Research Committee is pleased to invite the submission of project proposals for SSRA 2019. Proposals are sought for eight-week laboratory, clinical, patient-centred or educational research projects, to be undertaken by our undergraduate students within the College of Health and Agricultural Sciences during Summer 2019. 

If your project has ethical approval, or is exempt from full ethics review, we ask that you upload a copy of the relevant approval letter to our new online form. If you do not think your project requires ethical approval, or exemption from full review, there is an option on the form for you to select. However, we will ask you to state why you think this is the case (for example, the intended project might involve a student reviewing data that is already in the public domain).

These measures were put in place to assist us all in complying with the mandatory ethics requirements for UCD undergraduate students undertaking research as part of their degree programmes.

Please note that SSRA students may not be insured unless UCD can verify that the proper ethics protocols have been followed.

We thank you for your cooperation on this important matter.

Online Project Submission 

Supervisors who wish to submit projects should complete this online form.    

Student / Supervisor Matching 

After reviewing the projects, students fill out an application form detailing the project they would like to undertake and then meet the supervisor in question. As part of this application the student will be asked to write a 100 word summary detailing why they would like to be considered for this project.

If more than one student has applied for a project, it is up to the supervisor to select - based on GPA or interview - the student and then make his or her own selection as to their candidate of choice.