Corporal Kerrie O’Halloran

UCD School of Medicine: Diploma in Military Medical Care, 2018

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I am Corporal Kerrie O'Halloran, I have a member of the Medical School based in the Curragh Camp since 2014. I completed my Military Three Star Medics Course in 2004.

I have been in the Defence Forces for the last 18 years and have completed seven overseas tours serving with the United Nations as a medic.  I undertook the Diploma in Military Medical Care in UCD in September 2017, and graduated in May 2018.

This course allowed me to update my medical qualification to the civilian level of an Emergency Medical Technician. It also afforded me the opportunity to experience college life and all that has to offer in the exceptional student environment which UCD offers.

This course gave me invaluable placement experience with the National Ambulance Service, in EDs (Emergency Departments) in various busy hospitals, GP Practices and for the students who were not already in the Medical Corps, they got the chance to work in the various departments within the Medical Corps. The extensive placements allowed students to gain knowledge and use their skills learned during the various modules when a normal EMT course would not fully cater for this.  

Other modules included Occupational Health and care in a military environment, both of which are an important element in our roles as medics at home and in an overseas environment. I found the most enjoyable aspect of this course was the advanced medical care and skills which are essential for our roles overseas as medics. This also involved the development of various different skills that would not be covered in an EMT course. 

This course allowed me to update my knowledge base and improve my skills as a medic and improve my qualifications as a Medical School Instructor. I would highly recommend this course, with its cohort of brilliant staff and instructors, giving students invaluable skills, experiences and knowledge for their future careers as medics.