The UCD Radiography & Diagnostic Imaging Group is responsible for the delivery of the Undergraduate Radiography Programme and is the national centre for radiography training. 

We offer an extensive portfolio of Graduate Taught and research programmes across in all modern imaging modalities at Masters, Certificate and Diploma levels. We also offer Occasional Modules and many and varied CPD opportunities. 

Our graduate programmes support the national network of radiography service managers across all Irish acute and general hospitals including those who provide clinical training opportunities for undergraduate radiography students.

Led by Prof Louise Rainford, Head of Diagnostic Imaging, the group is internationally recognised as a leading centre for radiography education and research.  The Group has lead the way in inter-professional education combining anatomy teaching and clinical imaging training to groups of radiography and medicine students.  It has collaborations with the American Board of Radiology, several American Health Centres and numerous academic institutions overseas.

Current imaging research areas focus on image perception and user validation to investigate human perceptual limitations with respect to accurate diagnosis and improved patient outcomes. The group also explore the quantification of disease states using MR, PET/CT and ultrasound and as well as related segmentation and visualization techniques. They have interests in foetal and adult electrophysiology and simulation with the aim of enriching cardiological and neurological diagnosis and treatment. Technology-centred research includes dose image optimisation across imaging modalities, CT data processing and RIS/PACS networking solutions in medicine.

Prof Louise Rainford
Section Head, UCD Radiography & Diagnostic Imaging
Professor, Diagnostic Imaging

Assoc Professor Jonathan McNulty
Associate Dean, Graduate Taught Studies

Assoc Professor Shane Foley
Head of Subject, Radiography

Ms Anna Matuszak
Administration Manager

Graduate Studies
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T: 01 716 6545

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