Course Features 

  • Developed for radiographers / radiation therapists / radiologists working in the Computed Tomography environment
  • Accommodates professionals in full time employment through self-paced online learning approach 

Course Overview

CT now contributes the greatest proportion of radiation exposure to the general population from medical imaging and its use continues to grow. As CT technology constantly evolves and the number of applications expands, CT users need to be ever more conscious of radiation protection within the modality.

This CPD course details essential dose optimisation techniques so that you can put your patients welfare first. Learn how you can use diagnostic reference levels to identify excessive doses, ensure your practice is dose efficient, compare your local CT doses nationally and internationally, and learn from best practice techniques. 

Safe CT - Online CPD Course

This course is suited to all CT users and in particular to all radiographers, radiation therapists and radiologists working in the modality.

This course introduces professionals to diagnostic reference levels and how they can be used to ensure safe use of CT. Diagnostic reference levels allow CT users to identify excessive radiation doses within the modality and are a guide to good practice. In this course, you will learn how you can calculate your own mean CT doses and local DRLs and then compare these values to national and international levels. DRLs are the first step in dose optimisation so can be used to trigger investigations into examinations that do not meet accepted levels. You will also find out how to perform your own dose investigation so that you can take control of radiation doses within CT.

Did you ever wonder about the effects of changing some of those parameters?

This course also includes explains CT parameters and their influence on both image quality and patient dose, with some advice on how to select the best for your patients. Practical exercises are also included to guide you through calculating DRLs for your own scanner as well as confirming the influence of CT parameters on dose and image quality.

Finally a refresher on quality assurance testing is provided to allow you to perform relevant QA tests on your own scanner and monitor your system performance.

This entire course is designed in a self-paced online format, which means that you can complete the programme requirements according to your own schedule. 

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Key Information:

  • Major Code X658
  • Duration 8 content hours
  • Schedule Part-Time, Online - students can register anytime