Irish Internship

The Health Business Services (HBS) at the Health Service Executive (HSE) is the body responsible for the recruitment and allocation of intern posts in Ireland through a single, national recruitment campaign. Application is made online and takes place in two stages, commencing in October of each year. Graduates must meet the eligibility criteria in order to apply for an internship.

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Irish Residency Programmes

Basic Medical Training and Higher Specialist Training in Ireland is provided by:

UK Foundation

The UK Foundation Programme is a two-year structured programme of workplace-based learning for junior doctors that forms a bridge between medical school and specialty training.[1] The programme aims to provide a safe, well-supervised environment for doctors to put into practice what they learned in medical school. It provides them with the generalist medical knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of the General Medical Council (GMC) The New Doctor (2007) and the Foundation Programme Curriculum (2007) and prepares them for entry into specialty training. All medical graduates must undertake, and complete the Foundation Programme in order to work as a doctor in the UK.

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USA National Resident Matching Program (NRMP)

The National Residency Match Program® (NRMP®) runs the annual Residency Match which pairs IMG residency applicants with residency and fellowship programs. The Residency Match uses “rank order lists” submitted by both applicants and residency program directors to determine how applicants and programs should be partnered. Following your residency interviews, you will rank residency programs in order of preference.


Canadian Residency Programme (CaMRS)

Canadians who have trained in medical schools outside Canada and the US can compete for and obtain medical residency positions in Canada. Such Medical residency positions are limited in number, so we have developed resources to optimise the chances of a successful match for UCD Medicine Graduates.  

Candidates for medical residency are matched to universities through an electronic service called CaRMS (the Canadian Resident Matching Service). To access the match and be successfully selected for a medical residency position, you need to establish eligibility at several points


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