RUMC (RCSI and UCD Malaysia Campus)

Originally established in 1996 as Penang Medical College, the RCSI-UCD Malaysia Campus is a foreign branch campus of both University College Dublin and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. To date RUMC has graduated nearly 2,000 doctors who are practising in countries around the world, including Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Ireland, UK, Malta, Australia, New Zealand, and USA. Consistent with Malaysian government policy, RUMC recruitment includes approximately 25% international students. 

Course Overview

RUMC students follow the same curriculum and graduate with the same degrees as full duration UCD graduates. The RUMC programme is recognised by the Irish and Malaysian Medical Councils allowing graduates to register with both following completion of housemanship. The RUMC Degree is also recognised by the ECFMG for practice in the USA and by the Canadian Medical Council for practice in Canada. Academic departments at RUMC are led by internationally renowned medical specialists from Ireland, Malaysia, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and are supported by full-time, adjunct and visiting lecturers from RCSI and UCD. 

The cost of tuition plus living expenses for the duration of the programme is significantly lower for the RUMC programme.

For detailed programme information, go to page 41 of the UCD School of Medicine prospectus and the RUMC website.