Adjunct Staff

Recognising Excellence in Education, Research and Clinical Leadership

UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway Application Process

Our adjunct clinical faculty of general practitioners, consultant hospital doctors and radiographers support teaching and research across our clinical training network.  Many also undertake important clinical leadership roles within our institution, at a national and an international level.

Our adjunct clinical faculty appointed through the UCD Clinical Pathway (and associated schemes) includes 741 hospital consultants, general practitioners, senior radiographers and advanced paramedic specialists with appointments at the following academic ranks:

  • 34 UCD Full Clinical Professors
  • 90 UCD Clinical Professors
  • 219 UCD Associate Clinical Professors
  • 398 UCD Clinical Lecturers | UCD Assistant Professors

There have been a total of 1,254 applications under the UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway over the 13 years that the scheme has been in operation.

Full NameSubject AreaLocation
Prof Karina Butler Paediatrics CHI at Crumlin
Prof John Crown Oncology SVUH
Prof Jonathan D. Dodd Radiology SVUH
Prof Glen A Doherty Gastroenterology SVUH
Prof Steve Eustace Radiology MMUH
Prof Aurélie Fabre Histopathology SVUH
Prof Oliver FitzGerald Rheumatology SVUH
Prof Sean P. Gaine Respiratory Medicine MMUH
Prof Charles Gallagher Medicine SVUH
Prof Margaret Hannan Medicine MMUH
Prof John Hegarty Gastroenterology SVUH
Prof Michael Hutchinson Neurology SVUH
Prof Peter Kelly Neurology MMUH
Prof Brian Kirby Dermatology SVUH
Prof John Shearer Lambert Medicine MMUH
Prof Dermot Malone Radiology SVUH
Prof Niall Mahon Cardiology MMUH
Prof John A. McCaffrey Medical Oncology MMUH
Prof Geraldine Mary McCarthy Rheumatology MMUH
Prof Aiden McCormick Hepatology NMH
Prof Kenneth McDonald Medicine SVUH
Prof Colin J. McMahon Paediatrics CHI at Crumlin
Prof Walter McNicholas Respiratory Medicine SVUH
Prof Fionnuala Ní Áinle Haematology MMUH
Prof Patrick Ronan O'Connell (Prof Emeritus) Surgery SVUH
Prof Colm Patrick Finbarr O'Donnell Neonatology NMH / CHI at Crumlin
Prof Diarmuid O'Donoghue Gastroenterology SVPH
Prof Michael O'Keefe Ophthalmology Mater Private
Prof Donal O'Shea Medicine St Columcilles
Prof Prem Puri Paediatric Surgery CHI at Crumlin
Prof Kieran Sheahan Medicine SVUH
Prof Eileen Treacy Metabolism MMUH / CUH
Prof Niall J. Tubridy Neurology SVUH
Prof Douglas Veale Rheumatology SVUH
Prof Kevin Walsh Paediatrics CHI Crumlin
Prof Desmond Winter Surgery SVUH
Full NameSubject AreaLocation
Prof Owen J. Arthurs Paediatric Radiology Other
Prof Gavin Blake Medicine MMUH
Prof John Boylan Anaesthesia SVUH
Prof Conor Burke Respiratory Medicine Connolly Hospital
Prof David Anthony Burke Cardiology Beacon
Prof Colin Cantwell Radiology SVUH
Prof Áine Carroll Medicine NRH
Prof Kevin Carson Anaesthesia CHI at Temple St
Prof Ivan Casserly Cardiology MMUH
Prof Mary Clarke Psychiatry SJOG
Prof Declan Cody Paediatrics CHI at Crumlin
Prof Conor D Collins Radiology SVUH
Prof Stephen Connolly  Urology MMUH
Prof Marie Therese Cooney Geriatric Medicine SVUH
Prof Des Cox Paediatrics CHI at Crumlin
Prof Darach William Crimmins Paediatric Neurosurgery CHI at Temple St
Prof Desmond Crowley General Practice UCD
Prof Rachel Crowley Endocrinology SVUH
Prof Andrew Davies Palliative Care OLH
Prof Philip Charles Dodd Psychiatry St Michael's
Prof Glen Doherty Gastroenterology SVUH
Prof Joseph Duggan General Medicine MMUH
Prof Michael Earley Surgery (Plastic & Reconstructive) MMUH / CUH
Prof Jim Egan Respiratory Medicine MMUH
Prof Michael Farrell Neuropathology SVUH
Prof Eoin R. Feeney Infectious Diseases SVUH
Prof Helen M. Fenlon Radiology MMUH
Prof Richard Firth Endocrinology MMUH
Prof Maria Cliona Fitzgibbon Endocrinology MMUH
Prof Chris Fitzpatrick Obstetrics & Gynaecology Coombe
Prof Grainne Flannelly Obstetrics & Gynaecology NMH
Prof Michael Foley Obstetrics & Gynaecology NMH
Prof Joseph Galvin Cardiology MMUH
Prof Patrick Joseph Gavin Paediatrics CHI at Temple St
Prof David Gibbons Histopathology SVUH & NMH
Prof Allys Guérandel Psychiatry SVUH
Prof Eric Heffernan Radiology SVUH
Prof Nicholas Hegarty  Urology  MMUH
Prof Michaela Higgins Oncology MMUH
Prof Séamus Hussey Paediatric Gastroenterology CHI at Crumlin
Prof John M. P. Hyland Surgery SVUH
Prof Emer Joyce Cardiology MMUH
Prof Eoin Kavanagh Medicine MMUH
Prof David Keane Cardiology SVUH
Prof David Keegan Ophthalmology MMUH
Prof Malcolm Kell Surgery MMUH
Prof Catherine Kelly Medical Oncology MMUH
Prof Ronan Killeen Radiology SVUH
Prof Mary King Neurology CHI at Temple St
Prof Brendan Kinsley Endocrinology MMUH
Prof Ina Knerr Paediatrics CHI at Temple St
Prof Leo P. Lawler Radiology MMUH
Prof Bryan Lynch Paediatric Neurology CHI at Temple St
Prof Sally Ann Lynch Genetics CHI at Temple St
Prof Padraic Mac Mathuna Medicine MMUH
Prof Peter J MacMahon Radiology MMUH
Prof James McCarthy Surgery MMUH / SVUH
Prof Conan McCaul Anaesthesia MMUH
Prof Damian McCormack Surgery MMUH
Prof Ray McDermott Oncology SVUH
Prof Timothy John McDonnell Respiratory Medicine SVUH / St Michael's
Prof Christopher McGuigan Neurology SVUH
Prof Malachi J. McKenna Endocrinology SVUH
Prof Edward McKone Medicine SVUH
Prof Corrina McMahon Haematology CHI at Crumlin
Prof Jan Miletin Paediatrics Coombe
Prof Eamonn Molloy Rheumatology SVUH
Prof Fergal Moloney Dermatology MMUH
Prof Seamus Morris Orthopaedic Surgery MMUH
Prof Hugh Mulcahy Gastroenterology SVUH
Prof Kevin Mulhall Orthopaedic Surgery MMUH
Prof Aisling Mulligan Psychiatry MMUH
Prof Nuala Murphy Paediatrics CHI at Temple St
Prof John Murray Radiology MMUH
Prof Alistair Nichol Anaesthesia SVUH
Prof Ann O’Doherty Radiology SVUH
Prof Colin O’Gara Psychiatry SJOG
Prof Martin O'Connell Radiology MMUH
Prof Martin K. O'Donohoe Surgery MMUH
Prof Peter O'Gorman Haematology MMUH
Prof Michael O'Grady Paediatrics MRH, Tullamore
Prof John Conor O'Keane Medicine MMUH
Prof Risteárd O'Laoide Radiology SVUH
Prof Barry  O'Reilly  Obstetrics & Gynaecology Other
Prof Gregory Pastores Genetics MMUH
Prof Frank C. Powell Medicine MMUH
Prof Colm Quigley General Medicine Wexford
Prof Cecily Quinn Pathology SVUH
Prof Sarah Rogers Dermatology Charles Institute
Prof John D. Russel Paediatrics CHI at Crumlin
Prof John M. Ryan Emergency Medicine SVUH
Prof Karen Ryan Palliative Medicine MMUH & St Francis
Prof Denise Sadlier Nephrology MMUH
Prof Kirsten Schaffer Microbiology SVUH
Prof Michael M. Stephens Surgery MMUH
Prof Stephen Stewart Hepatology MMUH
Prof Declan Sugrue Medicine MMUH
Prof Niall Swan Histopathology SVUH
Prof Patrick Twomey Pathology SVUH
Prof Janice Walsh Medical Oncology SVUH
Prof Alan J. Watson Medicine SVUH
Prof Jennifer Westrup Oncology Beacon
Prof Martin J. White Neonatology Coombe
Prof Alfred Wood Surgery MMUH
Full NameSubject AreaLocation
Assoc. Prof Ali Alsharqi Dermatology SVUH
Assoc. Prof Brice Anthony Antao Paediatric Surgery Beacon
Assoc. Prof Atif Awan Paediatric Nephrology CUH
Assoc. Prof Muhammad Azam Paediatrics Wexford
Assoc. Prof Ciara Barrett Histopathology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Michael Joseph Barrett Paediatrics  OLCHC
Assoc. Prof Mary Barry Vascular Surgery SVUH
Assoc. Prof Pier Paolo Bassareo Cardiology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Peter Beddy  Radiology  Beacon
Assoc. Prof Richard Blennerhassett Psychiatry SJOG
Assoc. Prof Ferdia Bolster Radiology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Alex Boychak Radiation Oncology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Deirdre M Brady Microbiology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Jennifer Brady Biochemistry CHI
Assoc. Prof Ann Brannigan Surgery MMUH
Assoc. Prof Eugene G Breen Psychiatry MMUH
Assoc. Prof Nicholas J. Breen General Practice Other
Assoc. Prof Tomás Breslin Emergency Medicine MMUH
Assoc. Prof Annemarie Broderick Gastroenterology OLCHC
Assoc. Prof David Brophy Radiology SVUH
Assoc. Prof Crina  Burlacu  Anaesthesia SVUH & St. Columcille's
Assoc. Prof Joseph S Butler Orthopaedic Surgery MMUH
Assoc. Prof Maria Byrne Endocrinology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Ronan Canavan Endocrinology SVUH
Assoc. Prof Michael Carey Anaesthesia Coombe
Assoc. Prof Sean Michael Carroll Surgery SVUH
Assoc. Prof Raymond Carson Rehabilitation Medicine NRH
Assoc. Prof Edmond Carton Anaesthesia MMUH
Assoc. Prof Fiona Carty Radiology MMUH
Assoc. Prof James Cashman Orthopaedic Surgery MMUH/COH
Assoc. Prof Robert H. Caulfield Surgery MMUH, MPH
Assoc. Prof Jerome Coffey Radiation Oncology MMUH / St Lukes
Assoc. Prof David Michael Coleman Paediatrics OLCHC
Assoc. Prof Frances Colreavy Medicine MMUH
Assoc. Prof Niamh Conlon Anaesthesia SVUH
Assoc. Prof Daniel Gerard Connaghan Medicine SVUH
Assoc. Prof Paul Connell Ophthalmology  Mater Private
Assoc. Prof Sean Connolly Medicine SVUH
Assoc. Prof Ian Conrick-Martin Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine MMUH
Assoc. Prof Colm Cooney Psychiatry SVUH
Assoc. Prof Liam Cormican Respiratory Medicine Connolly Hospital
Assoc. Prof Carmel Cronin Radiology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Thomas Crotty Medicine SVUH
Assoc. Prof Morgan James Crowe Medicine SVUH
Assoc. Prof Suzanne Crowe Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine CHI Crumlin
Assoc. Prof Tadhg Crowley General Practice Other
Assoc. Prof Ellen Crushell Paediatrics Temple St
Assoc. Prof Garret Cullen Gastroenterology SVUH
Assoc. Prof Anna Curley Neonatology NMH
Assoc. Prof Tomás D'Arcy Obstetrics & Gynaecology Coombe
Assoc. Prof Ruth Delaney Orthopaedic Surgery Beacin & Mater Private
Assoc. Prof Dermot Doherty Paediatrics CUH / OLCHC
Assoc. Prof Jennifer Donnelly Obstetrics & Gynaecology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Stephanie Dowling General Practice Other
Assoc. Prof Paul Downey Pathology NMH
Assoc. Prof Rachael Doyle Medicine St Columcilles
Assoc. Prof Austin Duffy Medical Oncology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Joseph Duignan Surgery St Michael's
Assoc. Prof Elizabeth Ann Dunn Obstetrics & Gynaecology Wexford
Assoc. Prof Basil Elnazir Paediatrics Respiratory Medicine CHI Tallaght
Assoc. Prof Denis Evoy Surgery SVUH
Assoc. Prof Nadine Farah Obstetrics & Gynaecology Coombe
Assoc. Prof Cormac Farrelly Radiology MMUH
Assoc. Prof David Fennelly Medicine SVUH
Assoc. Prof Joan Fitzgerald Haematology SVUH
Assoc. Prof Emer Fitzpatrick Paediatric Gastroenterology CHI Crumlin
Assoc. Prof Fidelma Flanagan Radiology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Daniel Flitcroft Ophthalmology MMUH / CUH
Assoc. Prof Georgina Flood Anaesthesia MMUH
Assoc. Prof Esmond E. Fogarty Orthopaedic Surgery OLCHC
Assoc. Prof Henry Frizelle Anaesthesia MMUH
Assoc. Prof David  Gallagher Oncology Other
Assoc. Prof Joe Gallagher General Practice Other
Assoc. Prof David Galvin Urology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Michael Gannon Obstetrics & Gynaecology Other
Assoc. Prof Patrick Joseph Gavin Paediatrics Temple St
Assoc. Prof Justin Geoghegan Surgery SVUH
Assoc. Prof Tony Geoghegan Radiology  MMUH
Assoc. Prof Robert G.Gibney Radiology SVUH
Assoc. Prof John Gillick Paediatrics CUH / OLCHC
Assoc. Prof Paddy Gilligan Radiography & Diagnostic Imaging Mater Private
Assoc. Prof Tadhg Gleeson Medicine Wexford
Assoc. Prof Silviu Gligor Anaesthesia Beacon
Assoc. Prof Connor Green Orthopaedic Surgery CHI Temple St
Assoc. Prof Margaret Griffin Endocrinology Beacon
Assoc. Prof Michael Griffin Anaesthesia MMUH
Assoc. Prof Giuseppe Gullo Oncology SVUH
Assoc. Prof Robert Anthony Hannon Surgery Beacon
Assoc. Prof Michael Harty General Practice Other
Assoc. Prof Mensud Hatunic Endocrinology MMUH / NMH
Assoc. Prof Agnes Hayes Anaesthesia MMUH
Assoc. Prof David Healy Surgery Other
Assoc. Prof Fiona Healy Internal Medicine CHI Temple St
Assoc. Prof Martina Healy Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesiology CHI Crumlin
Assoc. Prof Eleanor Higgins Dermatology Blackrock Clinic, MMUH
Assoc. Prof Shane Higgins Obstetrics & Gynaecology NMH
Assoc. Prof Shu Hoashi Endocrinology MRH, Mullingar
Assoc. Prof John Holian  Nephrology SVUH
Assoc. Prof David Honan Anaesthesia Wexford
Assoc. Prof Emir Hoti Surgery SVUH
Assoc. Prof Brian Houlihan Psychiatry MMUH / CUH
Assoc. Prof Diarmud Houlihan Medicine SVUH
Assoc. Prof Graham Hughes  Geriatric Medicine SVUH
Assoc. Prof Rosalind Hughes Dermatolgy SVUH
Assoc. Prof Conor Hurson Orthopaedics SVUH
Assoc. Prof Oleg Ilyinski Medicine  Beacon
Assoc. Prof Reza Kalbassi Surgery Beacon
Assoc. Prof Declan Keane Obstetrics & Gynaecology NMH
Assoc. Prof Emer Kelly Respiratory Medicine SVUH
Assoc. Prof Robert Kelly  Cardiology Beacon
Full NameSubject AreaLocation
Assoc. Prof Patrick Kenny Diagnostic Imaging MMUH
Assoc. Prof Brendan Keogh Medicine MMUH
Assoc. Prof Seng Guan Khoo Otolaryngology SVUH
Assoc. Prof Orla Killeen Paediatrics OLCHC
Assoc. Prof Dara Kilmartin Ophthalmology RVEEH
Assoc. Prof Justin A Kinsella Neurology SVUH
Assoc. Prof Susan Knowles Microbiology NMH
Assoc. Prof Aoife Lally Dermatology SVUH
Assoc. Prof Abbie Lane Psychiatry SJOG
Assoc. Prof Graham Lee Biochemistry MMUH
Assoc. Prof Finbar Lennon Surgery SVUH
Assoc. Prof Gerald Lennon Urology SVUH
Assoc. Prof Mandy Lewis Medical Physics MMUH
Assoc. Prof Jan Leyden Gastroenterology MMUH
Assoc. Prof John Loughrey Anaesthesia Rotunda/MMUH
Assoc. Prof Julie Lucey Radiology Blackrock Clinic
Assoc. Prof Cecelia Aoibhinn Lynch Psychiatry MMUH
Assoc. Prof Emma Jane MacDermott Paediatrics OLCHC
Assoc. Prof John MacHale Anaesthesia MMUH
Assoc. Prof John Magner Anaesthesia Beacon
Assoc. Prof Sarah Mahon Patholgy MMUH
Assoc. Prof Andrea Mary Malone Paediatric Haematology OLCHC
Assoc. Prof Shahbaz Mansoor Surgery MRH, Mullingar
Assoc. Prof Michael Marnane Neurology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Brian Marsh Medicine MMUH
Assoc. Prof Aisling Martin Obstetrics & Gynaecology Coombe
Assoc. Prof Anthony McCarthy Psychiatry SVUH / Holles St
Assoc. Prof Conor McCarthy Rhematology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Donald McCarthy Medicine SVUH
Assoc. Prof Charles McCreery Cardiology SVUH
Assoc. Prof Cian McDermott Emergency Medicine MMUH
Assoc. Prof Emma Jane McDermott Paediatric Rheumatology Other
Assoc. Prof Ciarán McDonnell Surgery MMUH
Assoc. Prof Catherine Mary McGorrian Cardiology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Emmet McGrath Respiratory Medicine SVUH
Assoc. Prof John McInerney Emergency Medicine MMUH
Assoc. Prof Michelle McNicholas Radiology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Ross McNicholas Gastroenterology SVUH
Assoc. Prof Peter John McParland Obstetrics & Gynaecology NMH
Assoc. Prof Siobhán McQuaid Endocrinology MMUH
Assoc. Prof David McSharry  Pulmonary & Transplant MMUH
Assoc. Prof Stephen McWilliams Psychiatry SJOG
Assoc. Prof David Meagher Psychiatry Limerick
Assoc. Prof Denis Mehigan Surgery SVUH
Assoc. Prof Alina Mihai Oncology Beacon
Assoc. Prof Stanley Miller Respiratory Medicine/ General Physician MMUH
Assoc. Prof Knut A. Moe  General Practice Other
Assoc. Prof Eleanor Molloy Neonatology NMH / OLCHC
Assoc. Prof Ahmad Ardeshir Hossin Monavari Paediatrics Temple St
Assoc. Prof Carla Moran Endocrinology Beacon
Assoc. Prof Tom Moran Otolaryngology MMUH & SVUH
Assoc. Prof John Moriarty Radiology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Eavan Muldoon Infectious Diseases SVUH
Assoc. Prof Niall Mulligan Medicine MMUH
Assoc. Prof Jürgen Mulsow Surgery MMUH
Assoc. Prof John F. A. Murphy Neonatology NMH
Assoc. Prof Karen Murphy Haematology SVUH
Assoc. Prof Niamh Murphy Cardiology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Sean Murphy Physician in General Internal Medicine MMUH
Assoc. Prof William Gerard Murphy Medicine Other
Assoc. Prof Michael M. Murphy  Urology Beacon
Assoc. Prof Alan Murtagh Psychiatry SJOG
Assoc. Prof Jabir Nagari  Surgery Beacon
Assoc. Prof Dominic Natin Occupational Health MMUH
Assoc. Prof Maurice Neligan  Orthopaedic Surgery Beacon
Assoc. Prof Niamh Nolan Histopathology SVUH & St. Columcille's
Assoc. Prof Lars Nölke Surgery MMUH
Assoc. Prof James O'Byrne Genetics MMUH
Assoc. Prof Patrick O’Connor General Practice Other
Assoc. Prof Aengus S. O’Marcaigh Haematology OLCHC
Assoc. Prof Martin Joseph O'Connell Radiology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Susan O'Connell Paediatric Endocrinology CHI Crumlin
Assoc. Prof Brendan O'Daly Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery Beacon
Assoc. Prof Turlough O'Donnell  Surgery Beacon
Assoc. Prof Kieran O'Driscoll Surgery Beacon
Assoc. Prof John O'Donovan Psychiatry SJOG
Assoc. Prof Michael O'Dwyer Anaesthesia SVUH
Assoc. Prof Tadgh O'Dwyer Surgery SVUH/MMUH
Assoc. Prof Joanne O'Gorman Microbiology Rotunda/NVRL
Assoc. Prof Shane O'Hanlon Geriatric Medicine SVUH
Assoc. Prof Ikechukwu Okafor Paediatric Emergency Medicine CHI Temple St
Assoc. Prof Kieran O'Malley Urology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Daragh O'Neill General Practice Other
Assoc. Prof David O'Neill Emergency Medicine UCD CEMS
Assoc. Prof James O'Neill Cardiology Other
Assoc. Prof Katherine O'Reilly Respiratory Medicine MMUH
Assoc. Prof Sean Finbarr O'Riordan Neurology Other
Assoc. Prof Aisling O'Riordan  Nephrology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Declan O'Rourke Paediatric Neurology CHI Temple Street
Assoc. Prof Ray O'Sullivan Obstetrics & Gynaecology Kilkenny
Assoc. Prof Gary O'Toole Orthopaedic Surgery SVUH
Assoc. Prof Cormac Owens Paediatric Oncology OLCHC
Assoc. Prof Dermot Phelan Anaesthesia MMUH
Assoc. Prof Shirley Potter Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery MMUH
Assoc. Prof Dermot Power Medicine MMUH
Assoc. Prof Ray Power General Practice Centric Health
Assoc. Prof William Joseph Power Surgery SVUH
Assoc. Prof Asghar Qasim Medicine Beacon
Assoc. Prof David Quinlan Urology SVUH
Assoc. Prof Martin Quinn Medicine SVUH
Full NameSubject AreaLocation
Assoc. Prof Matiur Rahaman Internal Medicine Beacon
Assoc. Prof Nicola Ralph Dermatology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Hugh Ramsay Psychiatry TCD
Assoc. Prof Michael Reardon Geriatric Medicine Wexford
Assoc. Prof Karen Redmond Surgery MMUH
Assoc. Prof Valerie Reid Neurology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Carole Ridge Radiology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Amy Rigby Respiratory/ General Internal Medicine Beacon
Assoc. Prof Michael Robson Obstetrics & Gynaecology NMH
Assoc. Prof Helena Rowley Otolaryngology MMUH
Assoc. Prof Nicola Ryall Medicine SVUH
Assoc. Prof Caitriona Ryan Dermatology Blackrock Clinic
Assoc. Prof Donal Martin Ryan Anaesthesia SVUH
Assoc. Prof Silke Ryan Respiratory Medicine SVUH
Assoc. Prof Stephanie Ryan Paediatric RadiologySVUH CUH
Assoc. Prof Matthew Sadlier Psychiatry MMUH
Assoc. Prof Farhana Sharif Paediatrics Mullingar
Assoc. Prof Louise Sharkey Child and Adolescent Psychiatry HSE Community Healthcare East
Assoc. Prof Gerard Sheehan Medicine MMUH
Assoc. Prof John Denis Sheehan Psychiatry MMUH
Assoc. Prof Sharon Sheehan Obstetrics & Gynaecology Coombe
Assoc. Prof Conor Shields Surgery MMUH
Assoc. Prof Conor Shortt Radiology Tallaght
Assoc. Prof Stephen Skehan Radiology SVUH
Assoc. Prof Eimear Smith Rehabilitation Medicine MMUH
Assoc. Prof Thambipillai Sri Paran Paediatrics OLCHC
Assoc. Prof Maurice Stokes Surgery MMUH
Assoc. Prof Eoin Tiernan Palliative Medicine SVUH
Assoc. Prof Marcus Timlin Surgery MMUH
Mr Desmond P Toomey Surgery Reg. Hospital Mullingar, MMUH
Assoc. Prof Anne Twomey Neonatology NMH
Assoc. Prof Liam Twomey  General Practice Other
Assoc. Prof AnneMarie Waldron Psychiatry HSE CAMHS
Assoc. Prof Raymond Walley General Practice Glasnevin Avenue Medical Centre
Assoc. Prof Mark Walsh Cardiology CHI Crumlin
Assoc. Prof Rosemarie Watson Medicine OLCHC
Assoc. Prof Shiobhan Weston Gastroenterology Beacon
Assoc. Prof Mary Wingfield Obstetrics & Gynaecology NMH
Assoc. Prof Obada Yousif Endocrinology Wexford
Full NameSubject AreaLocation
Dr Gerry Agnew Obstetrics & Gynaecology Other
Dr Philip Aherne General Practice Other
Dr John Aird TBA TBA
Dr Hassan Al Bayyari General Practice Other
Dr Cathy Allen Obstetrics & Gynaecology NMH
Dr Khalil A. Amir Geriatric Medicine MRH, Tullamore
Dr Paul Armstrong General Practice Other
Dr Suhail Aslam Khan Surgery Wexford General Hospital
Dr Bay Ashcroft-Jones General Practice Other
Dr Christopher Laurence Bacon Haematology MMUH
Dr Fiona Barry General Practice Other
Dr Mel Bates General Practice Other
Dr William Behan General Practice Other
Dr Gayle Bennett Gastroenterology MMUH
Dr Eoin Bergin Nephrology MRH, Tullamore
Ms Róisín Bisland Snr Radiographer Naas
Mr James Bissett MRI Mater Private
Dr Carol Blackburn Paediatrics OLCHC
Dr Caroline Bleakley Cardiology Beacon
Dr Kevin Boner General Practice Other
Dr Kelvin Patrick Boos Obstetrics & Gynaecology Beacon
Dr Sean Bourke General Practice Other
Dr Larry Bowles General Practice Other
Dr Cormac Breatnach Paediatrics OLCHC
Dr Declan Brennan General Practice Other
Dr Frank Brennan General Practice Other
Mr Ian Brennan Advanced Paramedic NAS
Dr Rita Brennan General Practice Other
Dr Isobel Brennock General Practice Other
Dr Venita Broderick Obstetrics & Gynaecology NMH
Dr Marian Brogan General Practice Other
Dr Patrick Brophy General Practice Other
Ms Mary Browne General Practice Other
Dr Lisa Bruton Paediatrics CHI Crumlin
Dr Ian Buckowski General Practice Other
Dr Martin Burke General Practice TBA
Dr Paul Burns Otorhinolaryngology Beacon
Dr Antoinette Butler General Practice Other
Ms Brenda Byrne Principal Physicist MMUH
Dr Kathryn  Byrne  Anaesthesia MMUH
Dr Elizabeth Callaly Orthopaedic Surgery Cappagh
Dr Ian Callanan Clinical Audit SVUH
Dr Patricia Campbell Cardiology SVUH
Dr Raymond Campbell General Practice Other
Dr Salvatore Cascio Paediatric Surgery CUH/OLCHC
Dr Tim Cassidy Geriatric Medicine SVUH & St. Columcille's
Dr Fuan Chiang Chan Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery Beacon & Blackrock
Dr Su Cheen Ng Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine Beacon
Dr Ciaran Clarke Psychiatry HSE CAMHS
Dr Frank Clarke General Practice Other
Dr David Clinch Medicine Limerick
Dr David Coghlan  Paediatrics  AMNCH/Beacon
Dr Michael Colclough General Practice Other
Dr Michael Coleman General Practice Other
Mr Neil Coleman Emergency Medicine Dublin Fire Brigade
Dr Gabrielle Colleran Radiology NMH/CUH
Dr Daniel Vincent Collins Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine Beacon / St James
Dr Orla Collins Geriatric Medicine SVUH
Dr Michael Patrick Colreavy Otolaryngology Mater / CUH
Dr John  Conneely Surgery St James's Hospital
Dr Cara Connolly TBA TBA
Dr Ian Conrick-Martin  Medicine MMUH
Dr Matthew Corcoran General Practice Other
Dr Siobhan Corcoran Obstetrics & Gynaecology NMH
Dr David Costello Diagnostic Imaging MMUH
Dr Roisin Costello General Practice Other
Dr Aoife Cotter Infection Diseses MMUH
Dr Melanie Cotter Paediatrics Temple St
Dr Sean Cournane Medicine St James's Hospital
Dr Brian Creedon Medicine Harold's X Hospice
Dr Kevin Cronin Diagnostic Imaging SVUH
Dr David Crowther Diagnostic Imaging Other
Dr Ann Marie Cunningham General Practice Other
Dr Joseph Curry General Practice Other
Dr Sarah Curry Paediatric Oncology CHI Crumlin
Mr Paul Curtin   Other
Dr David Curtis General Practice Other
Dr Liam D'Alton General Practice Other
Dr Miriam Daly General Practice Other
Dr Basabjit Das Anaesthesia Beacon
Dr Gina Dawson General Practice Other
Ms Frances Deary Radiography Other
Dr Catherine Deegan Anaesthesia MMUH
Dr Anthony Delap General Practice Other
Dr Kevin Delargy General Practice Other
Dr James Devereux General Practice Other
Mr Julien Devergie Advanced Paramedic NAS
Dr Dervilla Dignam General Practice Other
Dr Eamonn Dillon General Practice Other
Dr Jennifer Dineen Neurology Beacon
Mr Thomas Dodd Radiography Other
Dr Mike Dodds Surgery Other
Dr Padraic Doherty General Practice Other
Dr Margaret Doherty  Anaesthesia MMUH
Ms Róisín Dolan Plastics & Recon Surgery SVUH
Dr Anne Doolan Neonatology Coombe/OLCHC/MRH Portlaoise
Dr Ian John Dooley Surgery TBA
Dr Joseph Dowdall Surgery SVUH
Dr John Dowling General Practice Other
Ms Jennifer Doyle Radiography Beaumont Hospital
Dr Michael Doyle General Practice Other
Dr Liam Dunne General Practice Other
Dr Pat Durcan General Practice Other
Dr Eddy Ferrufino Rivera Respiratory & General Internal Medicine Beacon
Dr Miriam Fitzgerald Dermatology Beacon
Dr Donna Eaton Thoracic Surgery & Lung Transplantation Mater
Dr Pamela Evans Haematology Crumlin
Full NameSubject AreaLocation
Dr Kamal Fadalla Haematology SVUH
Dr Geraldine Farrell General Practice Other
Dr Ronan Fawsitt General Practice Other
Dr Michael Fay Haematology MMUH
Dr Eoin Feeney Infection Diseses SVUH
Dr Christopher Fingleton General Practice Other
Ms Éilís Fitzgerald Plastic Surgery Beacon
Dr Eleanor Fitzgerald General Practice Other
Dr Joan Maria Fitzgerald Haematology IBTS/SVUH
Dr Susan Fitzgerald Microbiology Other
Dr Richard Fitzpatrick General Practice Other
Dr Anne Flanagan General Practice Other
Dr John Fleetwood General Practice Other
Dr Valerie Flood General Practice Other
Dr Derek Forde General Practice Other
Dr Brendan Forkan General Practice Other
Dr Anne Fortune Haematology MMUH
Dr Anne Foster Radiology SVUH
Dr Stephen Frohlich Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine Beacon
Dr Kieran Fulcher General Practice Other
Dr Paul Gallagher Paediatrics Midland Regional Hospital, Portlaoise
Dr Tom Gallagher  Surgery  SVUH
Dr Tara Galligan General Practice Other
Dr Siobhan Garavaglia General Practice Other
Dr John Garvey Respiratory Medicine SVUH/NMH/St.Luke's
Dr Blanaid Gavin Psychiatry SJOG
Mr Cormac Gavin Neurosurgery Beacon
Dr John Gilbert General Practice Other
Dr Irwin Gill Paediatrics Crumlin
Dr Aoife Gleeson Medicine Harold's X Hospice
Dr Timothy Gleeson General Practice Other
Dr Louise Glover Obstetrics & Gynaecology Merrion
Mr Kambiz Golchin Plastic Surgery Beacon
Mr Kambiz  Golchin Plastic Surgery Beacon
Dr Bairbre Golden Anaesthesia Beacon
Dr Hari Gopal Surgeon MMUH
Dr Kathleen Mary Gorman Paediatric Neurology CUH
Dr Siobhan Graham General Practice Other
Dr Rizwan Gul Paediatrics Midland Regional Hospital, Portlaoise
Dr Festus Haastrup General Practice Other
Mr Adnan Hafeez Surgery Beacon
Dr Carmel Halley Cardiology SVUH
Dr Paddy Halligan General Practice Other
Dr David Hanlon General Practice Other
Dr Damien Hanly General Practice Other
Dr Gormlaith Hargaden Radiology MMUH
Dr Mohamed Hassanain Neuromodulation and Pain Medicine  SVUH & St. Columcille's
Dr Jennifer Hastings Respiratory Medicine MMUH
Dr Stephen Hawkins General Practice Other
Dr Breda Colette Hayes Paediatrics OLCHC
Mr Keith Hayes Advanced Paramedic NAS
Dr David Healy Surgery Other
Dr Conor Hearty Anaesthesia MMUH
Dr Colleen Heffernan Paediatrics CHI Temple Street
Dr Michael Helly General Practice Other
Mr Ben Heron Emergency Medicine HSE National Ambulance Service
Dr Marie Hogan General Practice Other
Dr Gareth Thomas Horgan  Gastroenterologist SVUH & St. Columcille's
Mr William Howard Emergency Medicine HSE National Ambulance Service
Dr Maja Hurley Radiology MRH, Tullamore
Dr Viera Husarova Anaesthesia MMUH
Ms Aoibhinn Hynes Snr Radiographer SVUH
Dr Garrett Igoe General Practice Other
Mr David  Irwin Emergency Medicine HSE National Ambulance Service
Dr Aftab Jan Cardiology Beacon
Dr Seyed Hossein Javadpour  Cardiothoracic/Transplant MMUH
Dr Sean Johnston Surgery MRH, Tullamore
Dr Karthikeyan Kallidaikurichi Srinivasan TBA TBA
Dr Waseem Kamran Gynae Oncology Beacon
Dr Shane Kavanagh General Practice Other
Dr John Keaney  Cardiology MMUH
Ms Áine Kelly Diagnostic Imaging SVUH
Dr Ciara Kelly General Practice Other
Dr Gregory Kelly General Practice Other
Mr Karl Kendellen Advanced Paramedic DFB
Dr Rory Kennelly Surgery  Other
Ms Emer Kenny Snr Physicist MMUH
Dr Grace Margaret Kenny General Practice Other
Dr Barry Kevane Haematology MMUH
Dr Heather Kevelighan   Other
Dr Wajid Khan Pain Medicine Beacon
Dr Stephen Kieran   Other
Dr Seamus Kilby General Practice Other
Dr Conor Lahiff   Other
Dr Paschal Patrick Larney General Practice Other
Dr Lisa Lavelle TBA TBA
Dr Louis Lavelle General Practice Other
Dr Patricia Lenane Dermatology MMUH & Temple St
Dr Martin Lenihan TBA TBA
Mr James Leonard Advanced Paramedic NAS
Dr Barry Linnane Paediatrics OLCHC
Dr Seamus Linnane Respiratory Medicine Beacon
Dr Gordon Kerr Livingston General Practice Other
Mr Edward Loane Ophthalmic Surgery Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital; St. James’s Hospital
Ms Alana Loughnane Radiography Hermitage Medical Clinic
Dr Juliette Lucey Paediatrics Temple St
Dr Anthony Lundon General Practice Other
Dr Lucy Lynam General Practice Other
Dr Breda Lynch Surgery MMUH
Dr Tadhg Lynch Pain Medicine Beacon
Dr Jonathan Lyne Cardiologist Beacon
Dr Roisin Lyons General Practice Other
Full NameSubject AreaLocation
Dr Conor Maguire General Practice Other
Dr Gavin Maguire General Practice Other
Dr Caroline Maher Psychiatry SVUH
Ms Tara Mahon Radiography Charter Medical Smithfield
Dr Noeleen Mangan General Practice Other
Dr Gerard Mansfield General Practice Other
Dr Michael L. Mara  Orthopaedic Surgery Beacon
Dr Frank Marmion General Practice Other
Dr Joseph Martin General Practice Other
Dr Su Wai Maung Haematology MMUH
Dr Arimin Mat Endocrinology SVUH, SCHL
Dr Siobhán McCabe General Practice Other
Dr Donal McCafferty General Practice Other
Dr Dermot McCaffrey Cardiology Beacon & Blackrock
Dr Jeffrey William McCann Radiology SVUH
Dr Frances McCarthy Geriatric Medicine MMUH / St Mary's
Dr Lisa McCarthy Neonatology NMH
Dr Geraldine McCormack Gastroenterology MRH, Tullamore
Dr Brendan McCoubrey Radiography Mater Private
Dr Brian McCullagh Respiratory Medicine MMUH
Dr Eilish McDermott Radiology BreastCheck Merrion
Dr John McDermott General Practice Other
Dr Sinead McDermott Microbiology SVUH
Dr Cara McDonagh Rehabilitation Medicine National Rehab Hospital
Dr Eamonn C. J. McDwyer General Practice Other
Dr Dara McEniff General Practice Other
Dr Laurence McEntee General Practice Other
Dr Daniel McGinley General Practice Other
Ms Eleanor McGovern Paed Dentist Temple St
Dr Conor McGrane General Practice Other
Dr Cora McGreevy General Physician  MMUH
Dr Janette Maria McGuinness General Practice Other
Dr Barry McGuire Urology SVUH
Dr Joseph McKeever Emergency Medicine Beacon
Dr Michael McKenny  Anaesthesia MMUH
Dr Stephen McLearie Psychiatry Other
Dr Roger McMorrow Anesthesiology SVUH
Dr Graeme McNeil  Radiology SVUH
Dr Claire McNicholas General Practice Other
Mr Ruaidhri McVey Obstetrics & Gynaecology MMUH SVUH NMH
Dr Peter J Meagher Plastic Surgery Beacon
Dr Rania Mehanna Paediatric Otolaryngology CHI Crumlin and Tallaght
Dr David Menzies Emergency Medicine SVUH
Dr Allan Molloy Orthopaedics SVUH
Dr Michael Molloy Emergency Medicine Wexford
Dr Deirdre Moran Radiology SVUH
Mr Diarmaid Moran Urology SVUH St. Luke's
Dr Gerard Moran General Practice Other
Dr Larry Moran General Practice Other
Dr Peter Moran General Practice Other
Mr Colin Morrison Surgery Other
Dr Muhammad Mukhtar Anesthesiology Other
Dr Seamus Mulholland General Practice Other
Mr Edward Mulkern Surgery   UCD
Dr Niall Mulvihill Cardiology Beacon
Dr Aizuri Murad Dermatology MMUH
Dr David Murphy Medicine TBA
Dr Kieran Murphy General Practice Other
Mr Michael Arthur Murphy Surgery Beacon
Dr Paul G. Murphy Orthopaedics Beacon
Dr Raymond Murphy General Practice Other
Dr Stephen Murphy General Practice Other
Dr Michelle Murray Respiratory Medicine MMUH
Ms Andrea Mylotte Snr Radiographer Mayo
Dr Shrijit Nair Surgery TBA
Dr Stan Natin General Practice Other
Ms Aoife Neary Radiography MMUH
Dr Karl Neff Endocrinology TBA
Dr Francis Nelson General Practice Other
Dr Orla Ní Mhuircheartaigh Rheumatologist Beacon
Dr Róisín Ní Mhuircheartaigh Anaesthesia MMUH
Dr Hugh Nohilly General Practice Other
Dr Maeve Nolan   Psychology National Rehab Hospital
Dr Patrick Noone General Practice Other
Dr Eoin Ó Curráin Neonatology NMH
Dr Diarmuid Ó Riordáin Surgery Beacon
Dr Caoilfhionn O`Donoghue Geriatric Medicine SVUH
Dr Seamus O'Baoighill General Practice Other
Dr Michael O'Beirne General Practice Other
Mr David O'Briain Surgery TBA
Dr Donal O'Brien Obstetrics & Gynaecology NMH
Dr Dermot O'Callaghan Respiratory Medicine MMUH
Dr Niall Pius O'Cleirigh General Practice Other
Dr Oisín John O'Connell Surgery MMUH
Dr Patrick O'Connor General Practice Other
Dr William O'Connor General Practice Other
Dr Ruairi O'Donnell Diagnostic Imaging Other
Dr Caoilfhionn O'Donoghue Geriatric Medicine SVUH
Dr Clodagh O'Dwyer Geriatric Medicine SVUH
Dr Vicky O'Dwyer Obstetrics & Gynaecology NMH
Dr Neil O'Gorman Obstetrics & Gynaecology NMH
Dr Fiona O'Hanlon General Practice Other
Mr Lee O'Hora Radiography MMUH
Dr Siobhan O'Keefe Paediatric Intensive Care CHI Temple Street
Mr Fardod O'Kelly Paediatric & Adolescent Urological Surgery Beacon
Dr Geraldine O'Kelly General Practice Other
Dr Rosaleen O'Kelly General Practice Other
Dr Sara O'Kelly General Practice Beacon
Dr Helen O'Neill General Practice Other
Dr Lorraine O'Neill Medicine TBA
Dr Michael O'Neill Paediatrics Mayo General
Dr Shane O'Neill General Practice Other
Dr Deirdre O'Riordan Medicine Beacon
Ms Rona O'Riordan Diagnostic Imaging University Hospital Galway
Ms Belinda O'Rourke Advanced Paramedic NAS
Dr Killian O'Rourke Neurology SVUH
Dr Sean O'Rourke Emergency Medicine MRH, Tullamore
Dr Gerald Orpen Diagnostic Imaging UCD
Full NameSubject AreaLocation
Dr Colm O'Se  General Practice  Other 
Dr Ciara O'Shea  General Practice  Other 
Mr Kieran O'Shea  Surgery  Other
Dr Maeve O'Sullivan   General Practice  Other
Dr Peter J. O'Sullivan   General Practice  Other
Mr Andrew O'Toole  Advanced Paramedic   NAS
Dr Patrick O'Toole  Orthopaedic Surgery  CHI Crumlin
Dr Katie Padfield Anaesthesia MMUH
Dr Keith Perdue General Practice Other
Dr Majella Perry General Practice Other
Dr Bhanu Prakash Srinivas Cardiology MMUH
Dr Terence William Prendiville Paediatrics OLCHC
Dr Ruth Prichard Surgery SVUH
Dr Lisa Prior Oncology Beacon
Dr Jyothsna Purna Neonatology NMH
Dr Nuala Quinn Paediatric EM Temple St
Dr Roddy Quinn General Practice Other
Mr Mark Rafferty Surgery Other
Dr Lynn Redahan Nephrology MMUH
Dr David Reilly General Practice Other
Dr Muhammad Rizwan Uddin Medicine Beacon, Hermitage & Blackrock
Dr Alfonso Rodriguez-Herrera Paediatrics St Lukes Kilkenny-Carlow
Dr Denise Rohan Anaesthesia SVUH
Dr Mark Rowe General Practice Other
Dr Damian Rutledge General Practice Other
Dr John Ryan General Practice Other
Dr Ronan Ryan Radiology SVUH
Dr J. Mark  Ryan  Radiology Beacon/OLCHC
Dr Reem Salman Surgery Beacon
Dr Nigel Salter  Emergency Medicine SVUH
Dr Nigel Salter  Emergency Medicine SVUH
Dr Jennifer Sammon Radiology TBA
Ms Eithne Scully Advanced Paramedic DFB
Dr Mairin Scully General Practice Other
Dr Jana Semberova Neonatology Coombe
Dr Muhammad Shahid Anaesthesia Wexford General Hospital
Dr Hassan Shakeban Anaesthesia SVUH
Dr Enda Shanahan  Anaesthesia MMUH
Dr Niall  Sheehy  Radiology Beacon/St James
Dr Phillip Sheeran-Purcell General Practice Other
Dr Paul Shiels Cardiology MRH, Tullamore
Dr Mary Nicola Shubhaibar Gastroenterology Beacon
Dr Maher Shuhaibar Surgery Beacon
Dr Maher Shuhaibar Cardiothoracic Surgery Beacon & Mater Private
Ms Clare Simcock Radiography Other
Dr James Slattery Medicine Beacon & Mullingar
Dr Fergal Slevin General Practice Other
Dr Imelda Sliney General Practice Other
Dr Philip Sliney General Practice Other
Ms Carmela Smiddy Radiography MMUH
Ms Alison Smith Emergency Medicine National Ambulance Service
Ms Maria Smith Radiography MMUH
Dr Liam Smyth Haematology SVUH
Dr Shane Smyth  Respiratory Medicine & General Physician MMUH
Dr Deirdre Smyth Moran General Practice Other
Dr Karthikeyan Kallidaikurchi Srinivasan Anaesthesia   Beacon
Dr John Stack Rheumatology MMUH
Dr Maria Stack Paediatrics OLCHC & Temple St
Dr Tony Stafford Surgery SVUH / St Michael's
Dr Emma Stanley Radiology MMUH
Dr Eoin Storan Dermatology MMUH
Dr David Swann General Practice Other
Dr Keith Swanwick General Practice Other
Dr Caroline Tansey General Practice Other
Dr Muhammad Tariq Paediatrics Portlaoise
Dr Montasser Nadeem Tawadrous Gadelsayed Paediatrics CHI Tallaght
Ms Anne Teape Diagnostic Imaging National Screening Service
Mr John Teape Radiography Other
Dr Barry Teeling General Practice Other
Dr Claire Thompson Paediatric Anaesthetics MMUH, Rotunda Hospital
Dr Patrick Thornton Medicine MMUH
Dr Damian Tiernan General Practice Other
Ms Andrea Toohey Radiography Saint Columcilles Hospital Loughlinstown
Dr Georgi Valchev Anaesthesia MMUH
Dr Abel Wakai Emergency Medicine MRH, Tullamore
Dr Scott Walkin General Practice Other
Dr Dmitri Wall Dermatology Private
Dr Abigail Walsh Anaesthesia SVUH
Dr Bill Walsh Paediatric Anaesthetics CHI Temple St
Dr Orla Walsh Adolescent Med & Paediatrics  CUH
Dr Tom Walsh Obstetrics & Gynaecology MMUH / Rotunda
Dr Jennifer Walsh  Obstetrics & Gynaecology NMH
Dr Deirdre Waterhouse Cardiology Beacon
Mr Andrew Wilson Advanced Paramedic NAS
Dr Joseph Yazbeck Medicine Other
Dr Eric Yelverton General Practice Other

Official University staffing records are maintained by UCD Human Resources. The above list is provided for information purposes only may not necessary reflect the current appointment status.  Every best effort is made to ensure that the above list is accurate and up to date.   

DAMC Clinical Pathway

Under the terms of the Dublin Academic Medical Centre (DAMC) agreement, all consultant staff appointed to either Mater Misericordiae University Hospital or St Vincent's University Hospital are eligible for an automatic adjunct appointment at an academic rank determined by the University's Committee for Academic Appointments, Tenure & Promotion.

The School would welcome contact from new consultant staff appointed to either hospital to activate this adjunct academic appointment privilege. Please email for further information.