Adjunct Staff

Recognising Excellence in Education, Research and Clinical Leadership

Our academic programmes are supported by a large and diverse adjunct faculty comprising over 800 clinical, non-clinical, research or visiting academic staff.  This adjunct faculty comprise general practitioners, consultant hospital doctors, senior radiographers and advanced paramedics who support teaching and research across our clinical training network and who provide expert clinical service.

Our adjunct faculty is appointed through one of two formal academic appointment pathways including:

  • University Adjunct Appointments (Non-Clinical)
  • UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway incorporating the DAMC Clinical Pathway (Clinical)

Adjunct Faculty by Academic Rank

Academic Rank Number
UCD Full Clinical Professor 36
UCD Clinical Professor 94
UCD Associate Clinical Professor 242
UCD Assistant Clinical Professor  407
UCD Visiting Full Professor 6
UCD Visiting Professor 6
UCD Visiting Associate Professor 9
UCD Visiting Assistant Professor 2
UCD Visiting Senior Research Fellow 1
UCD Visiting Research Fellow 4
UCD Adjunct Professor (Non-Clinical) 6
UCD Adjunct Associate Professor (Non-Clinical) 4
UCD Adjunct Assistant Professor (Non-Clinical) 8
UCD Adjunct Research Fellow 8
Total 833

UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway

Adjunct clinical appointments (first-time appointments and re-appointments) and promotions are made through a formal annual appointment process which typically accepts applications during Trimester One, assesses applications during Trimester Two and communicates to applicants during Trimester Three.  Further information on the UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway here.

DAMC Clinical Pathway

Under the terms of the Dublin Academic Medical Centre (DAMC) agreement, all consultant staff appointed to either Mater Misericordiae University Hospital or St Vincent's University Hospital are eligible for an automatic adjunct appointment at an academic rank determined by the University.

The School would welcome contact from new consultant staff appointed to either hospital to activate this adjunct academic appointment privilege. Please email for further information.