Research & Publications

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Research

Our Child & Adolescent Mental Health Research is conducted at UCD with other national and international partners. We currently specialise in research related to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. We also focus on the interface between Physical and Mental Health (examples include Rare Disorders and 22Q11DS, eating disorders, neuropsychiatry, Psychosomatic disorders, tic and Tourette disorders, roles on Paediatric Model of Care programmes)

  • Occupational Wellbeing
  • Emergency Departments and Mental Health
  • ADHD and Neurodiversity
  • Eating disorders
  • Deliberate self -harm and emergency department presentations
  • Transition between child and adult mental health services
  • The interface with MH and the justice system.
  • Narrative in Medicine collaborations including the MindReading project
  • Mental health across the paediatric hospital, including impact in paediatric hospitals of interventions such as Schwartz and Balint groups
  • International Education in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Trainee Burnout
  • Community inclusion for children and adolescents with mental and physical health challenges