12-13th April 2016 at Vet Medicine Clinical Skills Lab

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Suturing & Anatomy Practicals

Medicine and Veterinary Medicine students are invited to two workshops that have been organised for this year's One Health Week. 

On Tuesday, April 12th at 11am, Dr Sue Rackard and Prof Ronan Cahill will be giving a tutorial about suturing in human and veterinary medicine. Did you ever wonder if we use the same patterns or suturing materials?  

On Wednesday, April 13th at 6.30pm, Dr Kilroy will be giving a short presentation about similarities and differences in human and animal anatomy. Students will have 20-30 minutes to examine specimens and models from both Anatomy Departments. 

Space is limited for both practicals. So, we ask that only students who will definitively attend, sign up for the event.

To reserve a place on these workshops please email onehealth.society@ucd.ie

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