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We engage cancer patients, researchers, families, carers and healthcare professionals in decision making that positively impacts on patient outcomes.

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Patient Partners

We believe that PPI in health research can shape the research agenda, improving the quality of our research, it's relevance to society and impact on patient outcomes.

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Get Involved

Have you lived experience of cancer? Are you a patient, family member, carer or patient advocate? If so, we invite you to get involved with the PVCR network.

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Meet the Researcher

Our cancer researchers focus on understanding how this disease develops and progresses. They aim to identify new targets to help diagnose cancer earlier and improve treatment options.

Patient Voice in Cancer Research

This initiative began in 2016 with the aim of actively engaging cancer patients, cancer researchers and others (patient advocates, families, carers, healthcare professionals and policy-makers) in discussions and decision-making processes that positively impact on cancer research and outcomes for patients.

Our vision is to build connections between patients and cancer researchers. We provide education and training for patients and cancer researchers to improve communication and ensure that cancer research is seen as a joint venture to overcome the disease and improve quality of life during and post treatment.


Open to partnerships with organisations, charities, groups and individuals who want to advance patient involvement in cancer research. More

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Hosted in UCD Conway Institute on the Belfield campus of UCD, 4km from the heart of Dublin city. Enquiries: Get in touch with a member of the team.

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