Cancer Research

Cancer research has led to significant advances in our knowledge of the disease. However, there are still many challenges particularly in relation to improving outcomes for patients.

At UCD Conway Institute and Systems Biology Ireland, cancer research groups focus on understanding how this disease develops and progresses. They aim to identify new targets to help diagnose cancer earlier and improve treatment options.

Our cancer research groups are involved in cancer networks of researchers and clinicians within Ireland and globally. Some researchers are also involved in Cancer Trials Ireland, the national cancer clinical trials network.

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Cancer signalling research groups include:

Cancer researchers include:

Ovarian cancer researchers include:

  • Romina Silva, PhD candidate (supervisors: Dr Donal Brennan, Dr Antoinette Perry)

Pancreatic cancer research groups include:

Prostate cancer research groups include:

Skin cancer researchers include:

Smoking cessation research groups include:

Uveal melanoma researchers include: