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We build connections between cancer patients and researchers. PVCR runs a number of events and workshops throughout the year; online and at venues around Ireland. These events and workshops are free and open to all.

Who? Have you lived experience of cancer? Are you a patient, family member, carer or patient advocate? If so, we invite you to get involved with the PVCR network.

Why? Your experience of cancer can help researchers in their work. Researchers want to find new ways to diagnose cancer early and improve the treatments available. Share your patient experience with researchers by:

  • Contributing to future research that may benefit other patients
  • Working with researchers to develop and implement research projects
  • Learning about the science of cancer and the research process
  • Participating in committees, task forces and think tanks

How? Subscribe to the PVCR network on the home page and we contact you with any PPI opportunities.

What can I expect as a member of the PVCR network?

As a member of the PVCR network, we will keep you informed of upcoming events and let you know about opportunities to become involved in research as a patient partner.

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Are you a cancer researcher? Do you want to bring the valuable perspective of patients to your research questions? If so, we invite you to get involved with the PVCR network.

Why? Patients, carers, family members and advocates have unique insight to cancer. By talking with and involving patients early in the research planning stages, you can inform and shape research questions that will ultimately have greater impact on patient outcomes.

How? Fill in this PPI In Research Opportunity Form and return to (opens in a new window)patientvoicecancer@ucd.ie

What can I expect by partnering with the PVCR network?

We will work with you to get input from those with lived experience of cancer on specific questions or challenges you face in cancer research projects. Perhaps you require patient representative input on your research proposal; are facing challenges with recruitment; need to communicate the key messages of your research or need support obtaining approval from an ethics committee or funder.

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