Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Health

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Physiotherapy is a health-care discipline which focuses on individuals at all stages of the lifespan, both in health and in times of illness or injury, with the aim of optimising movement, functional ability and health.  The discipline takes a holistic approach which encompasses physical, psychological, emotional and social wellbeing in a range of diverse practice settings.  These include: adult and paediatric hospitals; primary and community care teams; rehabilitation centres; nursing and residential homes; hospices; occupational health settings; schools; health promotion programmes; sport clubs, centres and teams; and private practice. 

The World Congress of Physical Therapy, the international representative body for Physiotherapy/Physical Therapy identifies four core areas for practice:

  • Promotion
  • Prevention
  • Treatment/Intervention
  • Rehabilitation

These are reflected in the diverse range of research methodologies and settings of the Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Health hub of the School, which encompasses an interdisciplinary team of researchers spanning Physiotherapy, Psychology, Primary Care, Exercise Science, Bio-Engineering and Data Analytics. Enhancing the understanding, measurement and promotion of function, performance, wellbeing and health are at the core of our research activities, be it in primary, secondary or tertiary healthcare settings, sports workplace and other community settings

Given the broad range of physiotherapy education programmes developed and provided by UCD Physiotherapy at undergraduate, graduate entry, postgraduate taught and healthcare provider levels, UCD physiotherapy is a leader in the design, implementation and evaluation of education programmes for healthcare professionals nationally and internationally.

The UCD Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Health research group has a well-established track record of knowledge translation with healthcare providers, through ongoing dissemination at national and international conferences, peer reviewed publications, successful research partnership with a wide range of healthcare providers at national level, and the hosting of educational outreach and targeted research seminars. Group members also have established strong links with industry, policy makers and international research groups.