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Quantum Literacy and Education

Quantum Technologies span a wide range of disciplines and domains, including but not limited to Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science. We are also seeing the application of quantum technologies and theories in an ever increasing number of scientific domains. This intrinsic interdisciplinary nature means that for newcomers to quantum technologies, or those that are just curious, there is a vast range of new theoretical and practical knowledge to engage with. This can be quite intimidating, and leave newcomers unsure of how to commence their quantum journey. 
A central component of C-QuEST’s mission is to provide learning opportunities cognisant of the challenge in engaging with the many different scientific facets of quantum technologies. Our goal is to move towards a more “quantum literate”  society able to differentiate fanciful media hype(s) from scientific reality. To do this, we offer a series of events suitable for the complete novice, seasoned expert, or somewhere in between. As long as you are keen to learn and challenge yourself with quantum theories and technologies, there should be something for you on offer.

Current modules on offer across the various schools at UCD:

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