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Additional requirements for Medicine (DN400)

The following text is summary information - for full details please see (opens in a new window)the Medicine Entry Brochure.

Undergraduate entry to medicine for school leavers is based on both:

  • achieving a minimum of 480 points and meeting the minimum entry requirements for the course in the same sitting of the Irish Leaving Certificate Examination. (EU students presenting qualifications other than the Irish Leaving Certificate qualifications must attain the equivalent to 480 points in their school-leaving examination. For details please see the A-level and EU web pages)
  • completing the required admissions test (HPAT-Ireland) in the year of admission to the medicine course

The Admissions Test: HPAT - Ireland

The admissions test is called HPAT-Ireland (Health Professions Admission Test-Ireland). This test is independently administered by ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research).

The HPAT-Ireland test measures a candidate’s logical reasoning and problem solving skills as well as non-verbal reasoning and the ability to understand the thoughts, behaviour and/or intentions of people. It does not test academic knowledge and candidates do not require special understanding of any academic discipline. However, some familiarity with the question types typically presented in HPAT-Ireland would be an advantage.

Sample questions are available on the (opens in a new window)HPAT-Ireland website along with information about how to purchase further HPAT-Ireland Practice Materials. The test results will complement the Leaving Certificate Examination assessment for selecting applicants for admission to an undergraduate Medical School course.

How do I apply for HPAT

In addition to the application to the CAO students must also apply directly to ACER to complete the HPAT-Ireland test. Applicants for the test will apply on-line to (opens in a new window)ACER. Only bona-fide applicants may apply to sit the test i.e. current or past school leavers. A more detailed definition of a bona-fide candidate is available on the (opens in a new window)HPAT-Ireland website(opens in a new window).

What does it cost?

As a guide, the cost of applying to the HPAT–Ireland test in 2023 was €152.80 for applications received ty the normal deadline. (opens in a new window)Please see the ACER website for full details

When is the test?

HPAT-Ireland test  is held in February each year.  If, for any reason, a candidate is unable to sit the test on the date, the only option available will be to sit the test in a later year. HPAT-Ireland results can be used for application to a medical school for 1 year, therefore if a candidate takes the test in 2023, the result can be used for admission in 2023 only.

Combining points scores and HPAT - Ireland

Allocation of places is based on the combination of Leaving Certificate Examination results and the HPAT-Ireland score.

For school-leaving applicants who meet the minimum subject entry requirements and the 480 points criterion in the same sitting of the Leaving Certificate examination, allocation of places for Medicine will be determined on the basis of a combination of that Leaving Certificate Examination (LCE) score and the HPAT-Ireland score.

The sole competitive selection criterion for entry to medicine will be on the basis of the weighted combination of the LCE and HPAT-Ireland scores. Before the scores are combined, Leaving Certificate Examination scores above 550 points will be adjusted, to a maximum score of 565 points (see table below). This is to strike an appropriate balance between the perceived pressures on students to achieve maximum grades in the Leaving Certificate Examination while at the same time recognising excellence when it has been achieved.

The combined score will then be used to offer a place to an applicant for the highest of their course choices to which they are entitled (if any), in line with standard CAO procedures.

Where there is a tie on points for the last remaining places, applicants with the same combined score will be ranked in order of their Leaving Certificate (or equivalent) pre-moderated points.

Combining Scores 
550 550

For CAO applicants to medicine the maximum achievable score will be 865:

  • 565 as the maximum score based on the Leaving Certificate Examination (after adjustment)
  • 300 as the maximum score based on the HPAT-Ireland test.

Some Examples:

  • If you achieve 600 points in the LCE this will become 560 adjusted LCE points and if you achieve a score of 160 in the HPAT-Ireland test, your overall score will be 720
  • Similarly if you achieve 540 points in the LCE, and then get a HPAT-Ireland score of 180, your overall score will be 720
  • Or if you achieve 480 points in the LCE and then 240 in HPAT-Ireland, your overall score will be 720

In 2023:

  • The minimum combined score was 735 (random selection at 735).
  • The minimum points at which anyone was admitted were 566 (which required HPAT of at least 181)
  • The minimum HPAT score at which anyone was admitted was 170 (which required at least 625 points)

In 2022:

  • The minimum combined score is 743 (round 1)
  • The minimum points at which anyone was admitted were 532 (which required HPAT of at least 212)
  • The minimum HPAT score at which anyone was admitted was 178 (which required at least 625 points)
551-555 551
556-560 552
561-565 553
566-570 554
571-575 555
576-580 556
581-585 557
586-590 558
591-595 559
596-600 560
601-605 561
606-610 562
611-615 563
616-620 564
621-625 565

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