Due to the timing of CAO offers and start of term this year, we regret that it will not be possible to offer this transfer opportunity in 2021. However, it may be possible to transfer at end of trimester one.

Am I eligible?

You need to be a UCD student who

  • in the current year, has accepted a UCD offer via CAO and is registered to stage 1 of that UCD programme

  • meets the full entry requirements of the target programme, including points cut-off score, subject requirements and any additional tests or entry criteria.

  • meets the Leaving Certificate points required for the course. Applicants in Access categories (e.g. mature years, HEAR, DARE, QQI-FET) can be considered if places remain in that category's quota.

How many places are there?

It is likely that there will not be any places available in most courses. Where places are available it will be very small numbers.

During the CAO season we endeavour to fill all places in accordance with CAO procedures. Transfer will only be possible if places remain in a course following the close of the CAO offer season. The number of places available (if any) will not be known until the close of the CAO season.

How will I be assessed?

Where the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of places available, applicants will be ranked on their points score.

What is the timeline?

As a guide, the timeline for 2019 is included below:

Timeline 2019 
18 September 
  • Application form available here
25 September 
  • Close of CAO Season
  • Closing date for transfer application
26 September
  • Applications will be assessed
27 September 
  • Offers will be issued to UCD email address
  • NB offers must be accepted the same day. Late acceptances will not be considered.
  • Because of the short time-frame for acceptance we strongly recommend that you discuss your proposed transfer with your Student Advisor and/or Programme Office before applying.
30 September  
  • Students must start the new course.

What about the material I've missed in the first three weeks?

If you decide to transfer, the onus is on you to catch up on anything you have missed.

If you are considering applying for a transfer, please check the fees implications at www.ucd.ie/fees.

Some programmes will not normally consider applicants who have been unsuccessful in a similar programme - full details are on the restrictions page.

All offers of a place are subject to UCD's Terms and Conditions of Offer. In line with the Admissions Policy, offers for taught programmes will not be made after the third week of a trimester. Deferral or Leave of Absence is not permissible for the trimester following acceptance of a transfer/re-admission offer.

An applicant who accepts a transfer place ceases to be a student of the previous programme (this includes acceptance via CAO). Internal transfers who change their mind about the new acceptance within the first three weeks of the trimester may be permitted to change back to the original programme, subject to availability of places and with the agreement of Admissions and all relevant Governing Boards.

In some cases, students may wish to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning in addition to that granted by the transfer process (see Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) policy).

All students must comply with the regulations of the University.

The above is summary information only. Full regulations are included in the Transfer Policy.