FAQ - Impact, RMS and Promote Your Research

On this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions about Impact, RMS and how to Promote Your Research.

UCD's Promote Your Research website has tips and guides to help you increase the visibility, citation rate and impact of your research outputs.

You can find more information about research impact on this UCD Research Portal page. To learn how to plan, capture, communicate and monitor the impact of your research, visit UCD's Impact Toolkit.

From October 12th, 2023 the old RMS Grants system was removed from UCD Connect as it was replaced by a new module in the RMS system (Research Funding Solution). As the two systems (RMS Grants and RMS Profiles) became one, the UCD Connect tile title was renamed to Research Management System (RMS). All existing and historical proposal and project data was transferred to the new RMS system so any project data you may wish to access is available in the new system.
Your new RMS Funding functionality can now be accessed at ucd.elements.symplectic.org (three new tiles at the bottom of the page, Funding Opportunities, Funding: pre-award, Funding: projects).
For additional support please contact rmsssupport@ucd.ie

You can find support on how to update your research profile on UCD Research portal.

There is a step by step guide available to make your profile public.

Only Education Degrees contained at the HR Core files are transferred automatically in RMS. In order to amend your degrees you will need to contact UCD HR at hrhelpdesk@ucd.ie and these will show up in your profile when inserted in the HR feed.

Re: Academic Qualifications Update 

Please update the academic qualifications on my HR record as outlined below:

Personnel Number:
Course Name:
Qualification e.g.B.A.:
Full Title of Qualification:
Start (Month/Year):
End (Month/Year):
Update to Title / Salutation (If Applicable):

Note: For awards NOT conferred by UCD you will be requested to  present your original transcript to UCD 

In order to ensure consistency across university systems, contact information, such as e-mail address, phone number, room/building information as well as your job title, academic qualifications and the name of your school is all taken from the Identity Management and Core HR Systems. Therefore, it is not possible to update this information directly within RMS. It can be checked/amended as indicated below.

For amendments to phone number, room or building location:

•           Log onto InfoHub in Connect or at http://www.ucd.ie/infohub

•           Click on the "My Profile" menu option

•           Check your UCD contact details and ensure that your office address is correct

•           Make any necessary changes

For amendments to job title, qualifications, e-mail address, you will need to complete the HR Change in details form and send it to Compensation and Benefits (link below):


"Please note that only publications with a status of ""Published"" or ""Published Online"" will be transferred from RMS Profiles to Development Workspace. 
Data in Development Workspace is refreshed nightly from RMS Profiles, thus any changes entered today will be reflected tomorrow.
""Conference Contributions"" are not being transferred to Development Workspace. Please change any relevant outputs that included a paper to the ""Conference Paper"" category in order to be included in your application."

Grants information displayed in the Development Workspace reflects the grant at the time of registration and not its current status or budget holder(s).

You can find more information about how to create a communication plan at UCD Research portal page.

You can find information about engaged research on the Public Engagement and Engaged Research section of the portal. 

You can find information about public and patient involvement in research at www.ucd.ie/ppi

Please send an email at rmssupport@ucd.ie if you need a report from RMS.

Please send an email at obrss@ucd.ie if you need an OBRSS report for a College/School.