Update my details

From time to time you may need to change or update some of your personal information. Below you will find instructions for updating a variety of personal details.

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If you wish to record a change to your name or salutation please email HR using the details below (copy and paste into your email client).


To: hrhelpdesk@ucd.ie
Re: Personal Details Update

Please update my personal details.

Current Salutation:
Current Forename:
Current Surname:
Personnel Number:
New Salutation (if applicable):
New Forename (if applicable):
New Surname (if applicable): 
New ‘Known As’ Name (if applicable):

Note: For a change in Title due to the award of a PhD please complete the change in qualifications process. 


These details can be updated on Employee Self Service (ESS):

  • Log into Employee Self Service using your UCD login details.  
  • Click on the initials either on the top left or top right corner.
  • Click on My Profile.
  • Under employee details, you can update the following details: Next of Kin, Contacts and Dependents.
  • Under diversity, you can update your civil status.
  • Update your details and press save at the bottom right hand corner. 
  • Once your updates are complete, navigate back using the back arrow and click on the initial icon on the top right hand corner and log out.

1. Please ensure your Next of Kin and dependent information are up to date.
2. Please ensure you have sought permission to nominate your Next of Kin.
3. Dependent Information: This information is required for pension purposes. Please include all dependent information including spouse, children up to age 22 in full time education and children who are permanently dependent due to physical or mental incapacity.
4. UCD HR only record one personal phone number for you and you may record a mobile phone number in this field.

To update your pay bank account details please contact the hrhelpdesk@ucd.ie

To update your qualifications please email HR using these template details (copy and paste into your email client)

To: hrhelpdesk@ucd.ie
Re: Academic Qualifications Update 

Please update the academic qualifications on my HR record as outlined below:

Personnel Number:
Course Name:
Qualification e.g.B.A.:
Full Title of Qualification:
Start (Month/Year):
End (Month/Year):
Update to Title / Salutation (If Applicable):

Note: For awards not conferred by UCD you will have to present your original transcript to UCD HR for verification.

These details can be updated on InfoHub:

  • Log in to UCD Infohub using your UCD login details
  • At the top of the page click on  'My Profile'
  • Under 'My Location & Contact Details' click link 'Update Location, Phone or Team'
  • Update Phone number and click 'Save'
  • Your phone number will be saved and displayed on the Staff Directory

These details can be updated in UCD InfoHub:

  • Log in to UCD InfoHub using your UCD login details
  • At the top of the page click on  'My Profile'
  • Click 'My Email Preferences' or Upload Photo (located on left hand side of the screen)
  • Follow the guidelines to add, edit or delete additional email addresses and set your preferences or to upload a photo