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UCD boasts some of the world's leading, pioneering researchers in the fields of political science, economics and social justice, combined with numerous other disciplines that deal with every aspect of society. Explore the breadth of their work which reimagines democracy, scrutinises political economy and drives change towards equality and sustainability.  

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Citizens Assemblies are an inclusive solution for democracies in deep crisis

  - Prof David Farrell, Chair of Politics at UCD

Research Units and Programmes

When one side stays home: A joint model of turnout and vote choice

  • Assoc Prof Johan A Elkink, Dr Sarah Parlane, Prof Thomas Sattler

A theoretical model considering referendums and voter turnout predicts that voters who generally prefer one of the two possible referendum outcomes, but who are relatively uncertain about the consequences of their preferred option, tend to abstain from voting. 

July 2016

European Monetary Integration and the Incompatibility of National Varieties of Capitalism

Journal of Common Market Studies

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September 2016

Party rules, party resources and the politics of parliamentary democracies: How parties organize in the 21st century

Party Politics

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March 2019

The crisis of democracy and the science of deliberation


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February 2019

Housing prices and wealth inequality in Western Europe

West European Politics

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