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Resources for UCD Postdocs

As a UCD Postdoc you have access to a number of resource materials, websites and services that have been prepared to support you in your devleopment and career at each stage of your journey

Page updated 7 September 2023

This page brings together resources such as handbooks, guidelines and planning documents from a variety of sources to help you plan you research career.

Funding Opportunities for Postdocs ---Video from UCD Research

Noel from UCD Research brings you through the process of writing your own career plan - how it should be structured and what it should include.

This video may be useful for anyone doing a Postdoc who is considering applying for any of the following grants this or next year:

  • IRC Government of Ireland or Enterprise Fellowship scheme
  • Marie S. Curie (any)
  • SFI Industry Fellowship
  • SFI Royal Society Research Fellowship
  • Equivalent people-development grant that requires you to make a statement about your career plan

The Training For Universities: Solutions Hub provides online development programmes specifically tailored to the training needs of Researchers and those working in academia delivered by specialist trainers.  Please contact researchcareers@ucd.ie for the Postdoc code to login.

Online Solutions Hub Content described below:
Confident Speaking at Meetings
The masterclass on what to say, how to say it and how to feel good while you're saying it!
In this workshop we will explore how to:
- Prepare and structure your content
- Communicate confidently
- Manage anxiety and “presentation stress”.

Managing Your Research Project
This short programme is not about any project management system but it's about how to manage your research project as a researcher.
I share how you might manage your research project from the perspective of a researcher who wants to learn how to get things done with as little stress as possible.
An additional "The Best Bits" video of this content is also available.

Managing Pressure Positively
Many of us are experiencing unhelpful levels of stress or anxiety.
I explain the origins of this biological response and introduce you to research-based tools that you can apply in your situation, to begin to change things for the better.

Strategies for Getting Stuff Done
A masterclass on time and energy management.
The tools you need to take control of your workload and get your life back.
I have distilled the best of my 30 years experience into a 2 hour masterclass, chunked it down and created short lessons so you can watch or listen to just what you need, right now.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Feelings
Tools to overcome your Imposter Syndrome Feelings!
This mini course will help any one who is:
- fed up with not feeling good enough,
- frustrated that she is holding herself back in business or professional role,
- ready to overcome Imposter Syndrome feelings.

Finding Focus
The masterclass to health, happiness and productivity.
In this masterclass, I look at what gets in the way and stops you finding focus and to identify quite clearly, the things that you can do that will create and maintain focus for you.
An additional "The Best Bits" video of this content is also available.

Developing Professional Networks
In this Masterclass I look at the importance of networking to you and your career and how to do it well.
I'm going to be looking at:
- the skills that you need to network effectively,
- strategies that you can use to consciously develop your network.
An additional "The Best Bits" video of this content is also available.

Supervision for New Supervisors
A masterclass for people new to formal supervision.
We explore:
- The roles/responsibilities of a supervisor
- The roles/responsibilities of a PhD student
- How to use & structure supervisory meetings
- Monitoring student progress/development
- Preparing a student for thesis submission and for the viva exam.

Contact UCD Research Careers

University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
T: +353 1 716 7777 | E: researchcareers@ucd.ie