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Training and Development for Postdoctoral Researchers

UCD Research Careers and Professional Development offer a variety of courses and events that enhance your skills, both technical and transferrable, and improve your understanding of how best to approach your future. The comprehensive programme for Postdocs is in addition to the courses run by HR for all UCD employees, and has been designed in consultation with Postdoctoral Researchers to ensure that it is a true reflection of your needs. You can register for training and development courses through the Events Calendar as agreed with your PI/mentor using the Personal Development Plan.

As a UCD Postdoc on an RCF contract, you are entitled to a minimum of three training sessions per year and we would encourage you to make the most of this service. At the end of your contract, there is a facility via your Career Development Profile on Infohub to download a certificate from the University that outlines the professional development activities you have taken part in. 

Keep in mind, also, that professional development includes your on-the-job training, your attendance at conferences and other professional activities you may be involved in.

These training and development opportunities are available across four Core Competency Areas:

  1. Research and Research Management
  2. Teaching, Learning and Mentoring
  3. Personal and Professional Excellence
  4. Innovation and Transferable Skills

See below for more information about each competency and the type of training available.

If a training course or development opportunity is not currently on offer, please discuss with your PI/mentor to explore options or contact us at (opens in a new window)researchcareers@ucd.ie and we will look into it for you.

Link to our Registration & Cancellation Guidelines

Research and Research Management

This development area covers the practical aspects of translating critical and original thinking into published research and how to manage a research project cycle through all its  stages. 

  • Research Leadership
  • Grant Writing
  • Research Impact
  • Promoting Your Research
  • Getting Papers Published 
  • Data Management Plans
  • Project Management
  • Intellectual Property

Teaching, Learning and Mentoring

This competency covers the ability to transfer knowledge to individuals and groups using a variety of learning methods. Teaching and learning also encompasses the development of others, particularly taught and research students with whom you may work or supervise. 

  • University Teaching and Learning Seminar Series
  • Design and Management of Classes
  • Design of Teaching Materials
  • Presentation, Communication and Facilitation
  • Student Assessment

Personal and Professional Excellence

Effectively communicating the results of your work, ideas and the work of your discipline can have a far-reaching impact well beyond academia. This development category will provide the skills needed to operate effectively and manage yourself and others.

  • Presenting Your Research Effectively
  • Communicating the Impact of Your Research
  • Preparing Academic or Non-Academic Applications & Interviews 
  • MBTI Workshops and 1-2-1 assessments for self-awareness at work
  • Managing Your Career as an Introvert
  • Interview Practice

Innovation and Transferable Skills

This area covers acquiring knowledge and experience that support alternative career options, as well as understanding how to capitalise on the commercial potential of your research and enhance the marketability of your own skills, knowledge and expertise.

  • Roundtable Series
  • Innovation in Research – how it can support your career progression in academia and industry
  • Commercialisation Bootcamp – how to commercialise your technology
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Non-Academic CV Sessions

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