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One-to-One Support - Career Meetings

Along with career and development meetings with your PI, as a UCD Postdoc you are entitled to one-to-one support in the form of at least three confidential career development meetings with the Research Careers and Professional Development team over the course of your contract.

You can book a meeting via Careersconnect once you have opened a Postdoc Careers Connect account. If you do not have an account yet, please contact researchcareers@ucd.ie with your UCD Connect Login Username.

As a UCD Postdoc on a RCF contract, you can book four types of meetings:

  1. Introductory Meeting (30 minutes) with the Researcher Development Specialist
  2. Career Development Meeting (45 minutes - 1 hour) with the Research Careers Manager 
  3. Query Meeting (30 minutes) with the Research Careers Manager
  4. Career Exit Meeting (45 minutes) with the Research Careers Manager

See more informaiton below. Please note that these meetings are currently taking place online via Zoom, at least until January 2022. 

The Introductory meeting should be booked first as the Researcher Development Specialist will provide information and sign-posting for any Postdoc who started their contract in the last three months and has not already had a one-to-one meeting. On Careers Connect it will appear as "Postdoctoral Researher Introductory meeting." 

You can then book bespoke career coaching meetings with the Research Careers Manager to get a CV check, get some interview feedback and access additional resources related to career planning, progression and transition:

The Career Development meeting is a coaching session where you can talk about developing your career strategy, exploring your options, considering the future, and get assistance with in-depth interview preparation. On Careers Connect book the "Postdoctoral Researchers Development meeting." The meeting will last 45 minutes on Zoom. 

The Query meeting is an optional 30-minute follow-up or check-in after a development meeting or to discuss a specific query you may have (e.g. CV review, interview or mock-interview debrief, negotiating a new contract or salary). On Careers Connect book: "Postdoctoral Researchers Query/ Exit meeting." 

The Career Exit meeting is in cases where you have secured a new role or when you 3 months or less left on your contract. It's an opportunity to reflect on your professional development, feed back any information that might support other Postdocs and consider your career and development going forward. On Careers Connect look for "Postdoctoral Researchers Query/ Exit meeting." This meeting is separate from the Exit Interview Questionnaire for all employees managed by UCD Culture & Engagement. 

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