Leaving UCD

This section contains information for employees leaving UCD following a resignation or reduncancy. The prorcesses outlined below touch on a number of different units in HR but we've gathered together here for your convenience.

Exit Interviews

In December 2019, UCD introduced a new “exit interview” questionnaire emailed to all employees who resign from the University.  

Employees’ views of the University environment and their experience of working in UCD are very important to the University. Information obtained during an exit interview process can inform how aspects of the University may be enhanced thereby helping to make UCD a better place to work and an employer of choice. This process will also support the achievement of UCD’s strategic objective to ‘attract, retain and develop an excellent and diverse cohort of students, faculty and staff.’

The Exit Interview process is managed by Culture & Egagement and you can find more details on the Culture & Engagement website (opens new tab).

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The main purpose of the exit interview questionnaire is to:

  • Identify themes that can be used to enhance the working environment in UCD 
  • Highlight any issues that can be addressed and/or improvements that can be made to ensure that the University is a great place to work for everyone irrespective of their background


This questionnaire applies to all permanent and temporary employees who resign.

Themes from the questionnaire will provide the University with information that can be used to enhance employment practices, policies and procedures. 

Should an employee request it, a face-to-face meeting can be organised – please contact your manager or your HR Partner to arrange this. 

Leaving procedure

Employees who resign from UCD will receive an email invitation to complete the exit interview questionnaire. In time, this process will be expanded to include all leavers, including temporary contracts coming to an end.


The data collected as part of the questionnaire will be stored confidentially in line with GDPR regulations by the Culture and Engagement Unit. 

All responses are anonymous. Only themes will be identified from the information collected for statistical purposes and no individual will be identified. 

Data outputs will be monitored at University level and themes reported to College Principals/Heads of Units. Reports will only be generated for areas that have had a participation rate of 10 or more, therefore results with 10 or less individuals from the same area will be aggregated or rolled-up with other teams in the local organisational structure so as to ensure anonymity. 


Questions are broadly grouped into the themes below:

  • Reason for leaving
  • Working at UCD
  • Equality Diversity and Inclusion

If you have special accessibility requirements and require this survey in an alternative format, or for any queries, please contact engage@ucd.ie.


The UCD Resignation Policy is designed to ensure the correct process is followed by Heads of Schools/Units in the event of an employee tendering their resignation from UCD.  It also includes a checklist intended to assist employees when composing a letter of resignation.

This page contains a brief summary of the policy however, in all cases, the Policy itself remains the definitive source for information.

  • The Employee must submit a ‘letter of resignation’ to their Manager on the day they verbally give notice. Notice will not be deemed to have commenced until such time as it is offered in writing, as per the terms of your Contract of Employment.
  • The Head of School/Unit will confirm acceptance of an the resignation by completing UCD Human Resources’ ‘’. This must be forwarded to HR Operations, UCD Human Resources within a week of the resignation being tendered, along with the original employee resignation letter (or a scanned copy). 
  • The Head of School/Unit is responsible for confirming an employee’s last day of work, as well as, any agreements they have made in regards to payment in lieu of annual leave not taken before this date.  The accepted Notice period and last day of work must comply with UCD’s Contract of Employment.  
  • All former employees will be contacted within 6 weeks of their leave date by the Pensions Office regarding their Pension Options; however please refer to the Pensions website for further information in the meantime.

Statutory Redundancy

Fixed term and specified purpose employees of UCD who have completed at least 2 years (104 weeks) continuous service and meet the conditions laid down under the Redundancy Payments Acts 1967 – 2007, will be entitled to receive Statutory Redundancy Payment (at the end of their employment period). This process is managed by the HR Helpdesk and you can find out more on the Statutory Redundancy page.

IT Access

Email: A mail forwarding service is available to staff leaving the university and more details can be found on the IT Services website (opens new tab)

Connect accounts: Approx 15 - 30 days after your recorded leaving date on HR, you will be sent an UCD Connect account expiry notification, giving you a further 2 weeks notice to backup your emails, transfer your data and transfer ownership of shared Google files back to your unit. 

Business Systems: Access to Business Systems ceases on your leaving date.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are moving seamlessly from one role in UCD to another then you don't need to submit a resignation letter. You are not leaving employment with UCD, just changing unit.