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About Scholarcast

Scholarcast was conceived in 2008 as a means to deliver, promote and disseminate academic research in the field of Irish Studies and adjacent disciplines through podcasting. Our podcasts by leading scholars, writers and artists are scripted, recorded in studio, and are edited and post-produced with the aim of producing a high quality listening experience.


Scholarcast is recorded in the Media Services studio using a combination of Neumann microphones, a Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 pro audio interface and Logic pro software. Post production and editing is completed using Logic pro, Isotope RX professional, Sony soundforge and Adobe Audition.

More information

If you have any queries or wish to learn more about our production methods, please contact John Matthews at Media Services.

Need help listening or subscribing to Scholarcast episodes? Please refer to our 'How to use this podcast page' for help.