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Series 12: Modalities of Revival

Series Editor's Introduction from Giulia Bruna and Catherine Wilsdon

In Irish Studies, the term Irish Revival broadly defines the cultural nationalist movement which thrived in Ireland from the late nineteenth-century up until the establishment of the Irish Free State. It refers to the pre-Independence period when powerful narratives of de-colonization and cultural reaffirmation mobilized communities both locally and internationally. The singular label Irish Revival encompasses a plurality of movements often with conflicting agendas: from the Irish Literary Revival, the GAA and the Gaelic League, to the Irish Agricultural Organisation Society, and the advanced nationalist movements such as Sinn Féin, Inghinidhe na hÉireann and others. These movements responded to questions surrounding cultural standards and the ways in which Ireland should be represented. They shared a common goal of advancing the cause of the Irish nation at a political, social and cultural level. Though sometimes criticized for being backward-looking, many Revivalist projects were characterized by a modernizing impulse that sought inspiration in the past but looked firmly ahead to the future towards a developed national consciousness.

During this crucial decade of commemoration, issues surrounding the Revival's legacy and what it means deserve critical attention. This series brings together experts within a variety of disciplines to investigate the complexity of efforts and modes of expression that underpinned the Revival project. The lectures draw attention to multiple forms of engagement through which Irish artists and activists mediated competing notions of Irishness and of Revivalism: from Irish dance practices and the visual arts, to literary genres, political propaganda and more. The lectures ponder the Revival's multifarious ways of translating, adapting, experimenting and coming to terms with both the past and an encroaching modernity to shape future Irish identities.

This podcast series is one of the initiatives of the Irish Revival Network, which aims to connect scholars working on the Irish Revival within a wide range of academic fields. You can follow the activities of the Irish Revival Network on Facebook and on Twitter.

Irish Revival Network
Giulia Bruna and Catherine Wilsdon are co-editors of this series. Giulia is a research associate of the UCD Humanities Institute. Catherine is a doctoral candidate at the Humanities Institute & the School of English, Drama & Film at UCD


Marnie Hay

Episode 1: Children & the Irish Cultural Revival

Marnie Hay, St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra

Ríona Nic Congáil

Episode 2: Gaelic Culture from the Child's Perspective - The Diaries of
Kerry Schoolgirls (1916-1918)

Ríona Nic Congáil, St Patrick's College, Drumcondra/University of York, UK

Liam Lanigan

Episode 3: The Revival and the City in James Stephens's Dublin Fiction

Liam Lanigan, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Gregory Castle

Episode 4: Yeats, Revival and the Temporalities of Modernism

Gregory Castle, Arizona State University

Róisín Kennedy

Episode 5: Revival and Visual Art – Harry Clarke's Geneva Window

Róisín Kennedy, University College Dublin

Barbara O'Connor

Episode 6: Taking the Floor: Dance, Nation and Gender in the Irish Revival

Barbara O'Connor, Dublin City University

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Series edited by: Giulia Bruna and Catherine Wilsdon
General Editor: P.J. Mathews
Scholarcast original theme music by: Padhraic Egan, Michael Hussey and Sharon Hussey.
Recording, audio editing, photography, video and development by: John Matthews, Vincent Hoban, Brian Kelly, Séan Ó'Domhnaill & Ken Doyle at UCD Media Services.

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