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How to use this podcast

Using iTunes

The easiest way to subscribe to Scholarcast in iTunes isclick on the 'Subscribe in iTunes' link we have provided, which will launch iTunes from your browser:

You can subscribe to any podcast if you know the podcast feed URL. Choose Advanced > "Subscribe to Podcast" and enter the URL of the RSS feed (see below for more).

You can also search for a podcast on iTunes. When you find the podcast you wish to subscribe to, click the Subscribe button next to the podcast in the iTunes Music Store and iTunes will download the latest episode of the podcast. When you click the 'Get Episode' button next to a podcast episode in the Music Store, iTunes downloads that episode.

If you don't use podcasting software, you can download each episode manually by clicking the link on each episodes' page. You can find the individual feeds from each series on our RSS Feeds page, or on each series page.

Using software other than iTunes:

Click on the 'subscribe' link to the podcast:

Copy the link (PC users: right click and select "Copy Shortcut," Mac users: command click and hold the mouse button and then select "Copy"), or alternatively, click the link as normal, and then copy the URL of the window that opens.

Paste the link into the subscription field of your podcasting software or RSS reader. This process may vary depending on your software.

Want to find out about Scholarcast and how it is produced? Please refer to our 'About Scholarcast' page for more info.