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Series 11: Irish Studies and the Environmental Humanities

Series Editor's Introduction from Malcolm Sen

Every reader and scholar of Irish literature is familiar with its extensive genealogy of nature writing, and a ‘sense of place’ found across a great variety of texts. While not unique to Ireland such a rich heritage has produced some of the most enduring and exciting literary and cultural criticisms. However, given our contemporary concerns with environmental issues, of which climate change is one, literary and cultural narratives need to be re-read and re-energized to help us find a language that speaks to current existential anxieties.

This series brings together a variety of scholars from the humanities and sciences, public officials and politicians, who help us understand and better narrate environmental issues. Such wide-scale, interdisciplinary engagement will update traditional methods of viewing and critiquing nature in Irish literary narratives, and also demonstrate the central importance of narrative in imagining environmental issues and habitable futures. Narrative, it is argued overall, produces conceptual leaps, empathetic bonds, and has deep historical, cultural and somatic effects, all of which determine how we engage with our environments.

Malcolm Sen is Editor of this series and lectures in the School of English, Media and Theatre Studies at NUI Maynooth.


Eamonn Ryan

Episode 1: Salmon Leap

Eamonn Ryan, Leader of the Irish Green Party

Sharae Deckard

Episode 2: 'The IFSC as a Way of Organizing Nature': Neoliberal Ecology
and Irish Literature

Sharae Deckard, University College Dublin

Adam Putz

Episode 3: Supply Chains: Labour, Poverty, and the the Nonhuman Animal
of Joyce's Ulysses

Adam Putz, Mississippi Valley Conservancy

Katherine O'Callaghan

Episode 4: James Joyce, Treeless Hills and the Night of the Big Wind

Katherine O’Callaghan, Armstrong Visiting Professor at the University of
St Michael’s College at University of Toronto

Malcolm Sen

Episode 5: Environmental Narratives, Climate Change and Sovereignty Loss

Malcolm Sen, Assistant Professor at University Massachusetts Amherst

Oona Frawley

Episode 6: On Development, Waste & Ghosts

Oona Frawley, NUI Maynooth

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Series edited by: Malcolm Sen
General Editor: P.J. Mathews
Scholarcast original theme music by: Padhraic Egan, Michael Hussey and Sharon Hussey.
Recording, audio editing, photography, video and development by: John Matthews, Vincent Hoban, Brian Kelly & Ken Doyle at UCD Media Services.

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