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Scholarcast 23: Pliny's Encyclopedia: The Reception of the Natural History

Aude Doody


In his episode Aude Doody reads from the Introduction toPliny’s Encyclopedia: The Reception of the Natural History, published by Cambridge University Press. The Elder Pliny'sNatural History is one of the largest and most extraordinary works to survive from antiquity. It has often been referred to as an encyclopedia, usually without full awareness of what such a characterisation implies. In this book, Dr Doody examines this concept and its applicability to the work, paying far more attention than ever before to the varying ways in which it has been read during the last two thousand years, especially by Francis Bacon and Denis Diderot. This book makes a major contribution not just to the study of the Elder Pliny but to our understanding of the cultural processes of ordering knowledge widespread in the Roman Empire and to the reception of classical literature and ideas.

Aude Doody

Aude Doody is a lecturer in Classics at University College Dublin. She has published articles on Pliny the Elders' Natural History and on Latin literature, and has co-edited (with Liba Taub) Authorial Voices in Greco-Roman Technical Writing(2009).


Series Editor: P.J. Mathews 
Scholarcast original theme music by: Padhraic Egan, Michael Hussey and Sharon Hussey.
Recording, audio editing, photography and development by: John Matthews, Brian Kelly, Vincent Hoban &
Niall Watts at UCD IT Services, Media Services.
Consultant Producer: Clíodhna Ní Anluain, RTÉ

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