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Kodate Oct 2021 Talk and Screening of Documentary Circuits of Care

Talk & Screening of Documentary Film “Circuits of Care: Ageing and Japan’s Robot Revolution”

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The following two events are being organised by (opens in a new window)Assoc. Prof. Nao Kodate:

(1) Maynooth University Research Week, 19 October 2021: information (opens in a new window)here

(2) University College Cork – Irish Institute of Japanese Studies Seminar Series , 22 October 2021.

Documentary Film description: By 2036, one in three people in Japan will be over the age of 65. While the nation wrestles with a shrinking labour force, the Robot Revolution Initiative was launched to expand robotics into every corner of Japanese economy and society. Circuits of Care follows anthropologist David Prendergast as he meets researchers developing and testing assistive technologies for older adults. From cybernetic walking supports to companion robots and automated sensor networks in nursing homes, older adults and care professionals share their experiences of the practical benefits these technologies bring, the problems they create and the unexpected relationships that can blossom.

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