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PhD and Research Students

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Ishrat Ali

Thesis Title: Determinants of life expectancy in a socioeconomically poor and politically fragile state (Jammu Kashmir) of India

Supervisor: Ronnie Moore

Email: ishrat.ali@ucdconnect.ie 

michael breslin

Michael Breslin

Thesis Title: Feud Violence in Ireland: A Sociological Perspective. 
Supervisor: Siniša Malešević


Titas Biswas 

Titas Biswas

Thesis Title: Fascist Accelerationism and the Curious Case of the Neo-Hindu Xenophobe
Supervisor: Siniša Malešević
Aidan Byrne 

Aidan Byrne

Thesis Title: The Role of Volunteering in the Formation and Development of the Irish Nation State: An Historical Sociology Perspective

Supervisor: Siniša Malešević

Email: aidan.byrne2@ucdconnect.ie

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Olga Bzdawka

Thesis Title: Women’s life after the end of marriage: social structures and everyday lives of women in rural communities.

Supervisor: Sara O'Sullivan

Email: olga.bzdawka@ucdconnect.ie 

  Jian Hai Cai

Thesis Title: Workplace Diversity and Organisational Culture in An Garda Síochána: Relationships, Impacts and Implications

Supervisor: Aogán Mulcahy

Email: jian-hai.cai@ucdconnect.ie 

Maitiu de Hal
Maitiu De Hal
Thesis Title: An Fórsa Oibre le Gaeilge. Tráchtearrú na Gaeilge sa mhargadh saothair is a thionchar.
Supervisor: Iarfhlaith Watson
Email: maitiu.dehal@ucdconnect.ie
Adaku Ezeudo

Thesis Title: Ethnic Diversity And Inclusion In Irish Film And Television

Supervisor: Gerard Boucher

Email: adaku.ezeudo@ucdconnect.ie 


Daniel Guigui

Thesis Title: Mapping Cosmoscapes and Their Effects on Everyday Cosmopolitanism Across Four Irish Cities

Supervisor: Marta Eichsteller

Email: daniel.guigui@ucdconnect.ie 


Loghman Hamehmorad

Thesis Title: TBC

Supervisor: Andreas Hess

Email: Lhamehmorad@gmail.com  

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Halyna Herasym

Thesis Title: Moral regulations of inequalities: the funerals of homeless people

Supervisor: Marta Eichsteller

Email: halyna.herasym@ucdconnect.ie 

aisling hudson

Aisling Hudson

Thesis Title: A Sociological Analysis of Medical Cannabis access in Ireland: Users, Providers Social movements, and Policy Change.

Supervisor: Kieran Allen

Email: aisling.hudson@ucdconnect.ie


Conor Keogh

Thesis Title: Gambling in context: a social network analysis of problem gambling

Supervisor: Aogan Mulcahy

Email: conor.keogh.2@ucdconnect.ie 


Yuliang Lu

Thesis title: Hate Crime in China

Supervisor: Alexander Kondakov

Email: yuliang.lu@ucdconnect.ie 

  Claire Mc Gettrick

Thesis Title: Illegitimate Knowledge? Pathologisations of Adopted People in Adoption Psychology and the Shaping of Adoption Policy

Supervisor: Seán L'Estrange

Email: claire.mc-gettrick@ucdconnect.ie 

maria molinaro

Maria Giulia Molinaro

Thesis Title: To What Extent and With What Effects War, Understood as a Contemporary Historical Phenomenon, is Normalised

Supervisor: sinisa.malesevic@ucd.ie

Email: maria.molinaro@ucdconnect.ie


 Xing Jiang

Xing Jiang

Thesis Title: A Study of the Digital Divide in Post- COVID19 World: The Elderly as a Case

Supervisor: Mathew Creighton

Email: xing.jiang@ucdconnect.ie

   Grainne Mc Keever

Thesis Title: From Student to Citizen: The role of Post primary schooling in the political socialization of Irish youth

Supervisor: Kieran Allen

Email: grainne.mc-keever@ucdconnect.ie 

Jianfei Niu

Jeffery Niu

Thesis Title: Are They Acculturating? Reconstruction of Gender roles in Chinese Families in Ireland

Supervisor: Gerard Boucher

Email: jianfei.niu@ucdconnect.ie 

yuwen pan

Yuwen Pan

Thesis Title: An institutional study on China's modernisation and stability

Supervisor: Andreas Hess

Email: yuwen.pan@ucd.ie

Francesca Pignoloni (MLitt)
Thesis Title: ‘Anomie’ as a consequence of low social mobility
 Supervisor: Egle Gusciute
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Samuel Scanlon

Thesis Title: A Comparative Study of Tourism in Northern Ireland and Israel/Palestine

Supervisor: Lea David

Email: Samuel.Scanlon@ucdconnect.ie

Claudia Vlad
Thesis Title: Cultural Heritage, civil resistance and transnational governmentality in East Jerusalem and the West Bank (from the Oslo Accords to today)
Supervisor:  Lea David
Candace Thomas
Thesis Title: Displacement to Placemaking: How the Kurdish Alevi, Iraqi Yazidi and Irish Travellers navigate identity and change over time, space and place.
Supervisor:  Alice Feldman
Caroline Walsh

Thesis Title: An Exploration of the Irish State’s Immigration Policies and Procedures: An Archival Examination of Ireland's Immigration Legacy

Supervisor: Steven Loyal

Email: caroline.walsh3@ucdconnect.ie 


Nada Yehia

Thesis Title: Between hospitalities and hostilities: cultivating  refugee agency in humanitarian encounters

Supervisor: Alice Feldman

Email: yehia.nada@ucdconnect.ie 

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Yuchen Zhang

Thesis Title: When Women Wear Trousers: The Reversed Gender Role Distribution of households in China as Women’s Socioeconomic Status Raises

Supervisor: Sarah Carol

Email: yuchen.zhang@ucdconect.ie 

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