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Recent PhDs Awarded

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2023(opens in a new window)

Alexandra Woods

Gateway to Europe: Ireland's Relationship with U.S. Multinational Corporations

Supervisor: Kieran Allen

Dyuti Chakravarty

‘Break the Cage’: Women’s Body Politics of Respectability and Autonomy in India and Ireland

Supervisor: Alice Feldman

Mark Doyle

The Negotiation of Sexual Identity and Self-Presentation on Grindr by gbMSM in Ireland

Supervisor: Alex Kondakov

Michael Mc Loughlin

Thesis Title: Artmaking, Orderliness, and Organisational Procedure; Sense-making Adjacent to Art Commissioning in the Public Realm.

Supervisor: Alice Feldman

Monika da Silva Pedroso

Thesis Title: Minority Languages, Bilingualism and Educational Stratification in Post-Colonial Ireland: A Comparative Study

Supervisor: Mathew Creighton

2021(opens in a new window)

Shamal Mirza

From Rebellion to Regional Government: The Kurdish National Movement in Iraq

Supervisor: Andreas Hess

Ryan Nolan 

The ‘Scramble for the Bones of the Patriot Dead’: Rituals of Exclusion in the Centenary Commemorations of the Easter Rising

Supervisor: Iarfhlaith Watson

2020(opens in a new window)

Sophia Martina Pallaro

Know thy Body, Know Thyself: Awareness, Knowledge and Tension in the Western Experience of Yoga

Supervisor: Sean L'Estrange

2019(opens in a new window)

Jose (Pepé) Danton

Insurgent Institutions: Refractory communities, Armed Insurgency and Institution– Building in the Colombian Conflict

Supervisor: Sinisa Malesevic

Barbara Moore

Transitions in Gender Equality: A Sociological Analysis of Contemporary Fatherhood

Supervisor: Pablo Lucas

Ann Averill

Irish Nationalism and Globalised Society: A Study of the Generation

Supervisor: Sinisa Malesevic

2018(opens in a new window)

Maria Calvo Martin

Structures of Prejudice: The Journey of Antigypsyism in Ireland

Supervisor: Diane Payne

Lorenzo Posocco

Exhibiting the Nation. Museums, Power and National Mythology in Turkey under the Justice and Development Party (AKP) Rule

Supervisor: Iarfhlaith Watson

2017 (opens in a new window)

Calvo Martin, Mayte 2017
Structures of Prejudice: the Journey of Antigypsyism in Ireland
Superviors:  Professors Andreas Hess, Dr Dian Payne and Bettina Migge (linguistics)

Carol, Ellis 2017
A Sociological Exploration of Systemic Lupus Erythermatosus in Ireland
Supervior:  Dr Paul Stokes

Darcy, Clay 2017
Here are the Drug Takers: Men, Masculinities and Illicit Recreational Drug Use
Supervior:  Dr Sara O' Sullivan

Oskar, Milik 2017
Protecting Face in Virtual Life: Identity and Interaction Online Digital Games
Supervior:  Dr Aogán Mulcahy

Ozgecan, Kesici 2017
Attaining Modernity through Nationalism: The Kazakh Alash Orda Movement
Supervior:  Professor Sinisa Malesevic

Posocco, Lorenzo 2017
Exhibiting the Nation. Museums, Power, and National Mythology in Turkey under the Justice and Development Party (AKP) rule
Supervior:  Dr Iarfhlaith Watson

2016(opens in a new window)

Gornicka, Barbara 2016
Nadedness & Embarrassment: a long-term perspective on nudity, naturism and attitudes towards the naked body
Supervior:  Professor Tom Inglis

McInerney, David 2016
Evaluating the role of the Ethnic Liaison Officer in Irish Policing
Supervisor: Dr Aogán Mulcahy

Moss, Brain 2016
Denial, Condemnation and Fear: the police complaints process in Ireland
Supervisor: Dr Aogán Mulcahy

Xiong, Hang 2016
Peer Effects in the Diffusion of High-Value Crops on Social Networks: a Social Simulation Study
Supervisor: Dr Diane Payne

 (opens in a new window)


Kalaitzake, Manolis, 2015
Reform or Status Quo? Financial political power in the context of crisis
Supervisor: Dr Kieran Allen

Llano-Arias, Valeria 2015
Comunication practices and citizens'participation in the colombian Water Movement
Supervisors: Dr Iarfhlaith and Michael Punch 

Myers, Kevin 2015
Beyond the Cloud:Changes in the Understanding of Death, Dying and Bereavement in Contemporary Ireland
Supervisor: Professor Tom Inglis                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

 (opens in a new window)

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Agripinus Senga, Mathew 2014
Social Networks and Collaboration in Natural Resource Management and Protection of Livelihood: Reflections from Rural Communities in East Usambara Mountains Tanzania
Supervisor: Dr Diane Payne

Moore, Gemma 2014
Cultural Barriers and Contested Discourses: The Case of Embryonic Stem Cell Research in Ireland
Supervisor: Dr Anne Cleary

O'Donnell, Shane 2014
Conception of Inequalities in Type 2 Diabetes Outcomes: Individual or Social Responsibility?
Supervisor: Dr Kieran Allen

Okigbo, Emmanuel 2014
Africans in Ireland and the New Political Activism
Supervisor: Dr Iarfhlaith Watson

 (opens in a new window)


Slevin, Amanda 2013
Hegemony and Hydrocarbons: Irish Policies, Gas and Oil
Supervisor: Dr Kieran Allen                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

 (opens in a new window)

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Basquel-Fahy, Mary 2012
Workplace Bullying, Emotions and Organisational Change in Irish Hospitals
Supervisor: Dr Aogán Mulcahy

Courtois, Aline 2012
Educating Elites: Privilege, Power and Excellence in Ireland's Top Fee-Paying Schools
Supervisor: Dr Kieran Allen

Donnelly, Susie 2012
The Media and the Catholic Church in Ireland: Clerical Sex Scandals and Shifts in the Balance of Power
Supervisor: Professor Tom Inglis

Feeney, Maria 2012
Pain and Distress in Rural Ireland: The Narratives of Men who Engaged in Suicidal Behaviour
Supervisor: Dr Anne Cleary

Kearney, Brian 2012
Adoption in Sociological Context: A Comparative Analysis of Britain, Ireland and the United States
Supervisors: Dr Anne Cleary and Dr Andreas Hess

McDaid, Sophie 2012
Practices of Embodied Appearance in Young Irish Women
Supervisor: Dr Anne Cleary

O'Brien Olinger, Sam 2012
Policing and Ethnicity in the 'New Ireland': An Ethnographic Study
Supervior: Dr Aogán Mulcahy

O'Neill, Catherine 2012
Ethical Decision-Making in the Care of Older People: an Ethnography of Treatment Decisions in Irish Hospitals
Supervisor: Professor Robert van Krieken

Pembroke, Sinead 2012
Irish Hidden History: The Social and Personal Consequences of Catholic Industrial Schools
Supervisor: Professor Tom Inglis

Solan-Schuppers, Nanette 2012
Migrant Integration in a Comparative Perspective
Supervisor: Dr Steve Loyal

(opens in a new window)

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Frese, Carmen 2011
From Dracula's Land to Bram Stoker's Country: Romanians' Journey of Civic Mobilisation in Ireland
Supervisor: Dr Alice Feldman

Ikeotuonye, Festus 2011
Confluent Spheres Adrift: Unthinking the Geopolitics of Migration and Social Transformation in a "Modern/Colonial" World
Supervisor: Dr Alice Feldman 

Kelly, Tina 2011
Sociology in Ireland: A Historical-Sociological Account
Supervisor: Dr Andreas Hess 

Stewart, Sandra 2011
Blood Stocks: Managing the Donor and Managing Supply
Supervisor: Professor Stephen Mennell

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Fallon, Ciaran 2010
Swimming Upstream: Knowledge, power and sustainability in Modern Ireland
Supervisor: Dr Michael Punch

Hilliard, Betty 2010
Micro-process of social change: aspects of family life in late 20th century Ireland
Supervisor: Professor Pat Clancy

Mutwarasibo, Fidele 2010
Ethnopolitical Entrepreneurs: Overcoming Isolation and Exclusion through Creative Resistance in Ireland
Supervisor: Dr Alice Feldman

Nithitham, Diane 2010
Navigating the Bordes: Filipina Migration into Ireland and the Borderland Existence
Supervisor: Dr Alice Feldman

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Ejorh , Theophilus 2009
From Homeland to Hostland: The African Community in Ireland
Supervisor: Dr Alice Feldman
Associate Supervisor: Dr Ronnie Moore

Farrell, Clare 2009
Life Chances, Life Choices: Lay accounts of health and health inequalities
Supervisor: Dr Sara O’Sullivan
Associate Supervisor: Dr Ronnie Moore

Howlett, Etaoine 2009
Communication Breakdown: The experiences of hearing parents of deaf children in Ireland
Supervisor: Dr Máire Nic Giolla Phádraig

McMahon, Léan 2009
Why Volunteer: A Comparative Historical Analysis of Civic Engagement in the Republic of Ireland
Supervisors: Dr Andreas Hess and Dr Diane Payne

Rock, Bernadette 2009
Parenting Identities and Practices of Non-Custodial Fathers in Ireland
Supervisors: Dr Sara O’Sullivan and Betty Hilliard

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(opens in a new window)


Andersen, Karen 2007
The Secularisation Debate in Western Society: Ireland as a Unique Case
Supervisors: Professor Tom Inglis and Dr Diane Payne

Bates, Catherine 2007
Consumption at Contemporary Irish Weddings.
Supervisor: Dr Mary Kelly

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(opens in a new window)


Cleary, Anne 2006
Vulnerable Masculinity: Suicidal Behaviour Amongst Young Men.
Supervisor: Professor Stephen Mennell

Humphries, Niamh 2006
''I'm More at Home In This House.' The Importance of Housing and Place in the Integration of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Dublin. 
Supervisor: Dr Alice Feldman
Associate Supervisor: Dr Mary Gilmartin

Whitaker, Teresa 2006
What can the Study of Wills tell us about the Irish Family. 
Supervisor: Professor Patrick Clancy
Associate Supervisor: Dr Steve Loyal

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(opens in a new window)


Healy, Thomas 2005
In Each Others Shadows: Providing for the Future Well-being of Families and Communities in Ireland. 
Supervisor: Professor Stephen Mennell/Professor Colm Harmon

Hord-O'Down, Amie 2005
A Comparative Study of Italy and Ireland: the Correlation Between Education and Emigration.
Supervisor : Dr Steve Loyal
Associate Supervisor : Dr Iarflaith Watson

Liston, Katie 2005
Playing the Masculine/Feminine Game: So he plays harder and she plays softer.
Supervisor: Professor Stephen Mennell
Associate Supervisor: Professor Eric Dunning

Ryan, Paul 2005
Strangers in Their Own Land: The Everyday Lives of Gay Men and Irish Society 1970-80.
Supervisor: Professor Tom Inglis
Associate Supervisor : Dr Kieran Allen

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(opens in a new window)


Brennan, Edward 2004
A Socio-Historical Examination of RTE Television.
Supervisor : Professor Tom Inglis

Fitzpatrick, Marjorie 2004
Music and Civilising Processes, with special reference to the development of the Oratorio.
Supervisor : Professor Stephen Mennell

Gallagher, Ellen 2004
Irish Humour and Social Change.
Supervisor : Professor Stephen Mennell
Associate Supervisor : Professor Tom Inglis

Grummell, Bernie 2004
Learning from television: the audience and educational television.
Supervisor : Professor Tom Inglis
Associate Supervisor : Dr Mary Kelly

Smith, Ciaran, 2004
The Social Construction of Madness.
Supervisor: Professor Tom Inglis
Associate Supervisor: Professor Stephen Mennell

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(opens in a new window)


O'Keeffe, Margaret 2003
The acquisition and accumulation of technological capital in the home.
Supervisor: Professor Tom Inglis

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(opens in a new window)


Condon, Gráinne, 2002
The Glass Ceiling and Bank Management:an analysis of comparative promotion and managerial styles of men and women.
Supervisor: Dr Paul Stokes

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Bissett, John 2001
Waiting for the Great Leap Forward: An Ethnography of the Educational Process in a Working-Class Dublin School.
Supervisor: Professor Pat Clancy.

Ó Laighin, Pádraig 2001
Social Structure and Systems of Dispositions in the Generation of Youth and Adult Crime.
Supervisor: Professor Pat Clancy.

O'Sullivan, Sara 2001
Understanding Irish Talk Radio: A Case Study of a Tabloid Talk Radio Show.
Supervisor: Dr. Mary Kelly.

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Howley, Derval 2000

An Outstretched Hand: A Sociological Insight into Street Begging in Dublin City.
Supervisor: Professor Eric Dunning and Mr Desmond McCluskey.

Watson, Iarfhlaith 2000
A Paradoxical Endeavour: How Efficacious Citizenship Must Undermine Itself in the Absence of a Democratic Public Sphere.
Supervisor: Dr. Máire Nic Ghiolla Phádraig

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