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Research Interests

Research Interests

Research undertaken at the UCD School of Sociology broadly falls under three thematic Research Groups

  • Organised Violence, Peace and Nationalism
  • Quantitative and Computational Social Science
  • Diversities and Inequalities

The key research interests of individual faculty members are as follows:

(opens in a new window)Anzola, David Key Areas: Computational Social Science; Agent-Based Social Simulation; Digital Technologies; Science, Technology, & Innovation Studies; Discipline-Building, Interdisciplinarity, and Collaboration, Scientific Modelling; Philosophy of the Social Sciences; Computational Methods.
(opens in a new window)Bo, Boroka Key Areas: Sociotemporal Disparities in Well-being; Eco-Social Determinants of Health; Environmental Sociology (Adaptation, Mitigation); Ageing & Life Course; Socioemotional Experience of Time; Time Use; Social Networks and Time; Economic Sociology; Culture; Social Demography; Mixed Methods.
Boucher, Gerard

Key Areas: Immigration and Integration; Race and Ethnicity; Nationalism and National Identity; Sociology of Work and Consumption; Sociology of Contemporary Life (information communication technologies; social media; privacy and surveillance); Social Cohesion and Social Change; Comparative Sociology; Irish Studies; European Studies; Globalisation and Development

(opens in a new window)Carol, Sarah

Key Areas: Sociology of Migration; Sociology of Religion; Family Sociology

(opens in a new window)Creighton, Mathew

Key Areas: Migration (Xenophobia, Populism, Islamophobia, Anti-immigrant Sentiment and Demographic Behaviour); Education (Stratification, Gender and Mobility); Deception (Survey Experiments, Social Desirability Pressure, Masked Intolerance and Survey Data Collection); Health (Inequality and Policy); My (opens in a new window)CV offers a more complete overview of my publications and research, which can be helpful for those looking to collaborate.

(opens in a new window)David, Lea

Key Areas: Human Rights; Memory; Conflict

(opens in a new window)Eichsteller, Marta

Key Areas: Biographical narrative research and construction of narratives; Formation of identity and belonging; Transnationalism, cosmopolitanism and migrations in European and global contexts; Human Rights and global inequalities; Global development and civil society; Cultural pluralism; Innovative methodological approaches in biographical and narrative data – mixed methods, configurational comparative analysis (QCA), narrative ethnography and fuzzy set analysis

(opens in a new window)Feldman, Alice

Key Areas: Migration; Identity and Diversity in Ireland & Europe; Social Movements; Civil Society and Ethnic Diversity; Research Methods; Indigenous Peoples; Colonialism and Self-Determination

(opens in a new window)Gornicka, Barbara

Key areas: sociology of gender, body, sexuality, women's health, family, sociological theory

(opens in a new window)Gusciute, Egle

Key Areas: Sociology of Migration (Ethnic Minorities, Discrimination, Anti-immigrant Sentiment, Migrant Integration, Citizenship); Sociology of the Environment (Sustainability, Public Attitudes, Environmental Inequality, Consumption, Social Impacts, Social Life Cycle Assessment); Sociology of Sport (Inequality, Discrimination, Gender).
(opens in a new window)Hess, Andreas(opens in a new window)

Key Areas: Social and Political Thought; Historical and Cultural Sociology; Basque Studies

(opens in a new window)Kondakov, Alexander

Key Areas: Law and Sexuality Studies (Queer Sexualities)

L'Estrange, Sean

Key Areas: Historical Sociology; Science and Technology; Human-Animal Studies

Loyal, Steven

Key Areas: Migration; Ethno-racial Domination; Social Stratification; Sociological Theory; Historical Sociology; Sociology of Knowledge

(opens in a new window)Lucas, Pablo

Key Areas: Computational Social Science; Agent Based Social Simulation; Behaviour and Policy Modelling; Network Analysis; Collective Decision Making

Malesevic, Sinisa

Key Areas: Theoretical and comparative-historical study of ethnicity and nationalism; The sociology of war and organised violence; Theories of ideology; Sociological theory; Comparative historical sociology; Ernest Gellner; The political and historical sociology of the Balkans

(opens in a new window)Moore, Ronnie

Key Areas: Anthropology of Health; Illness and Society; Conflict Theory; Health Inequality; Ethnic Identity

(opens in a new window)Mulcahy, Aogan

Key Areas: Policing and Social Change; Police Reform; Culture and Social Control; Community, Youth and Marginalisation; Political Violence and Conflict Resolution; Criminology

(opens in a new window)O'Sullivan, Sara

Key Areas: Sociology of Gender; Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; Sociology of Higher Education; Qualitative Research methodology; Sociology of Media; Sociology of Health and Illness

Watson, Iarfhlaith

Key Areas: Visual Sociology; Minority Languages; The Media; National Identity

(opens in a new window)Yasseri, Taha

Key Areas: Computational Social Science; Information Dynamics; Collective Action; Peer Production; Collective Intelligence; Human Dynamics; Social Media; Conflict and Cooperation; Opinion Formation; Online Dating; Collective Behaviour; Social Networks; Agent-Based Modelling; Machine Learning

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