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Sociology and Incoming International Students

The school of Sociology offers a module called Contemporary Ireland, this module is designed with the Study Abroad Student in mind. The module is accessible to students without prior knowledge of sociology or of Ireland.


SOC30400 Contemporary Ireland: Culture & Sociology in Context

Module Description

In this module, we look at Ireland today, by exploring Irish society before and after the 2008 economic crisis. We focus on a number of specific themes such as gender, identity, religion, immigration, globalisation and crime. The module is based around the 2007 book Contemporary Ireland with lectures by the authors themselves. They discuss their chapter as well as developments since then. 

Further information on the 2007 publication "Contemporary Ireland" can be found here

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module the student is expected to be able to:

(a) demonstrate a basic knowledge of contemporary Irish society,

(b) discuss some recent changes, and

(c) explain in detail developments in two major topics.

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Students who have previously studied the Contemporary Ireland module speak about their experiences.

"I truly recommend Contemporary Ireland because it's a way to understand the Irish situation in different point of views and what's explained is clear and complete"
Davide Marsala 2016/2017

"The semester 2 Contemporary Ireland module covered an array of interesting and relevant social topics that, as an American study abroad student, I may never have had the opportunity to learn about in my home university. Most of my sociology modules in the USA focus primarily on racism and women's rights, so it was extremely refreshing to cover 'more worldly' diverse aspects of the social sciences, such as immigration and crime in Ireland, and in effect, the EU in comparison"
Kevin Butler 2016/2017

"Contemporary Ireland was an engaging and informative course that increased my limited knowledge on Irish culture and current issues. The presenters were very prepared and entertaining in presenting their information which helped students stay engaged and learn beyond the class"
Katrina Sutton 2016/2017