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FAQs Forum

Discussion forums enable communication and collaboration in your module and facilitate asynchronous interaction between you and your students. Discussions can be used to address specific topics in your module or provide your students with a platform to ask module specific questions. 

It is recommended that you create a module  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) discussion forum where students can ask general questions which can be answered by other students or the lecturer.   By establishing a FAQs forum and encouraging all students to post their questions here as opposed to emailing them, it will minimise email queries for the lecturer while encouraging students to learn from one another and answer each other's queries. 

Practical Tip

Once you have established the module FAQs forum it is essential that you clearly outline to students the purpose of it, the types of questions they can post, how to post and respond to questions and expectations relating to responses from you (see example below).

Example FAQs Forum

Brightspace FAQs

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