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Technology Enhanced Learning

The term Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) is used to describe learning that is enhanced, supported, mediated or assessed by the use of educational technologies.

Terminology describing the use of technology in education is in a constant state of flux. Although various terms and broad definitions appear in the literature, in recent years we see that TEL has become a widely accepted term in Ireland, UK and some European contexts for describing the interface between educational technologies and teaching and learning in Higher Education. To a large extent the term TEL has taking the place of other recently popular terminologies such as e-learning, computer-based learning, learning technology, online learning and information and communication technology (ICT). 

We use the term Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) as an inclusive term which spans a spectrum of learning delivery modes; from face-to-face/web-enhanced to learning that is delivered as part of a blended/hybrid approach to that which is delivered fully online. The image below outlines the various modes of delivery which TEL can support  adapted from OLC. 2015 and Traditional to Online Learning (Allen & Seaman, 2010).

Understand Terminology


Refer to the resources section/technology enhanced learning Understand Terminology for more detailed explanation of key terminologies.

Aligned to the UCD Education Strategy 2015-20 Teaching and Learning is committed to supporting and embedding, through a pedagogy centred approach, effective use of educational technologies for teaching, learning and assessment.

TEL can contribute to UCD’s vision for 2020 by enabling interactive, creative and constructive learning to take place in an interdisciplinary and/or international context. It has the potential to extend and enhance face-to-face classroom learning activities as well as to support a diversity of delivery (blended/online) and assessment/feedback modes.

Despite the breath of educational technologies, the key principles of curriculum design still apply. Regardless of the mode of delivery the key objective is the achievement of learning outcomes and pedagogy rather than then the technology should drive decisions relating to the use of the most appropriate technologies. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach to TEL rather it is highly dependent on programme/module structure, context and is nuanced to improve and enhance the student learning experience. Refer to our resources section/technology enhanced learning to get started with the design and implementation of blended and online delivery.

Within this section you will find further information relating to TEL through the following pages: 


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