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Transformation Planning Strand


As part of this year's Integrated Business Planning process, the Programme for Operations and Services Transformation (UCD POSTis continuing to support the development of proposals for service, process, and systems transformation. This support is for colleagues from across the campus and from the central support units.

The Transformation Planning strand is looking to more widely gather potential service and process initiatives. A key aspect of proposals will be "freeing up people's time", as a focus, and aligning with the target benefits set by UMT for these types of initiatives. Project benefits will typically be on both a local and University level.


Step 1: Engage with your Service Lead and (opens in a new window)submit a Project Request

POST Service Leads are here to support you in planning activities, including the completion of business requests, identifying initial target outcomes and benefits.

Note 1: For projects and initiatives that require IT inputs please note the IT Services deadline of 23 February 2024

Step 2: Service Leads help prepare Project Proposals

POST Service Leads will collaborate with requesters to develop a Project Proposal. This may include cost estimates, funding confirmation, and additional resourcing requirements.

Step 3: Review and Approval of Proposals

POST Service Leads will work closely throughout the Integrated Business Planning process, to develop proposals for consideration by the UMT Services Group. All projects will be considered by the UMT Service Group before the end of April.

See the Milestones section for an overview of milestones and a Google Calendar of all planning events.


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