Blood Donor Clinic

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Why is blood needed?

Accidents, surgery and immune-mediated disease are some of the more common reasons that dogs need life saving blood transfusions. And, just like people, dogs have different blood types. Giving a matched blood transfusion minimises the risk of an adverse reaction.

The UCDVH Blood Donor Clinic, run by Professor Carmel Mooney, has proven to be a successful initiative for the Hospital and its clients.




Is Your Dog or Cat a Potential Donor?

‌If you can answer ’Yes’ to the following questions then your pet could be a suitable blood donor:

  • Is your dog over 25kg?
  • Is your cat over 4kg?
  • Aged between 1-8 years old?
  • Fully vaccinated, wormed, healthy and not receiving any medication?
  • Has not travelled outside Ireland or the UK?
  • Has never received a transfusion?
  • Has a good temperament?

What happens during a blood donation at the UCDVH?

 If you think your dog - or cat - might be a potential donor and you would like further information, please see our Blood Donor Clinic Brochure for details.